Monday, September 3, 2007


So, I survived my trip to Regensburg in one piece. I got 2 hours of sleep on my flight to Iceland and about another on my way to Frankfurt. The flights were ok, other than the meals took forever to serve - fortunately I had some dried fruit and gum to pull me through. Getting from terminal 2 to terminal 1 was a challenge though in Frankfurt. Note: I will NEVER EVER bring two large bags again...I have bruises everywhere and swear I got looks of contempt that are unmistakable to translate into English. Plus, I couldn´t pee. I mean, you can´t just leave your bags sitting out at an airport - that´s a good way to end up seeing the polizei or just begging someone to roll off with it. So, dehdrated from Iceland customs making me dump out my water, and unable to use the bathroom until the paranoia of leaving my seat on the train briefly wore off I was in a bit of a pickle. By the time I made it to the train station (too afraid to fall asleep on the 3.5 hour ride there for fear I would not wake up for the stop) I was SOOO glad to see my friend Eric and his friend\roommate Christine (pronouced Christina). It was a short ride to their apartment where another visiting friend (from MN, oddly enough...) had cooked a "traditional bavarian dinner". So, weiƟwurst and pretzels ( a white sausage...good with a sweet mustard) and LOTS of water. Also, fortunate for me was that the third appartmentmate was gone, so I even got a bed. I have already picked up all sorts of handy advice for living in Germany. For example: dont put your feet up on the bus, in fact, leave them FLAT on the floor. Or you get kicked off and threatened with a 30 euro fee...didn´t happen to me, but good to know. Also, you must ALWAYS buy a ticket, they have guys who are paid to camp out and fine the heck out of you - 50 euros at least. Lastly, bring your own computer - they switch the y and z places ´- along with adding all sorts of keys. Anywasys, my time is almost up, so goodbye and look for more info in the sometime near future!

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Jeanie said...

Good luck on your new adventure in Turkey. Keep us updated.