Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Starting a series of short posts...

Hi "all"
Anyhow, I'm not going to even get into that. I am, however, going to try to be a better blogger and try to post every other day or so. It'll help me not forget little things (that are probably funny and I forget about) and make it seem like less of an ordeal for me.

The Bane of My Life...
I have decided that I can blame society (and thank Global Warming) for supporting one of the most difficult areas of my life - clothing. If public nudity was allowed (along with encouraged by a semi-tropical climate) I'd be a much happier person.
I'll be the first to admit I'm picky about clothing, but my body shape doesn't help me out any either. The most traumatic shopping experiences of my life were probably prom dresses...which is why the instant I found my last prom dress (about 7 months before prom) I bought that sucker. However, a close second to those ordeals is always jean shopping. I HATE buying new jeans. I have hips and I'm tall and the very thought of non-bootcut jeans my make my ankles want to crawl up and seek refuge in my stomach. I refuse to let them, as it would be hard to keep my balance without my ankles.
At any rate, due to the harsh washing conditions in Germany and to the trip with my rents, I have walked through one pair of jeans in the last month, and another pair (making them my 2 favorite pairs, of course) is tentatively hanging on by it's last threads. (Yes, a pun...groaning yet?). So I thought to myself - "Something should be done!". Luckily, Sara's dad and partner are coming in May, and Sara said that Kris would very likely (and very graciously) be willing to bring a pair of jeans from the US if I ordered online and shipped to her house. So far, super...right? Ok. Let's start listing the problems....but first - the reasons why I'm not buying jeans here...

1. Remember that ankle/tight jeans phobia? Skinny jeans are THE JEANS here....ahhhhhh
2. Clothing is very expensive...even at H &M where they use child labor (which Eric argues prevents child prostitution...it is a founded belief...)
3. I know what I like.

So here are the problems...
1. I have searched the entire web and both styles of jeans (one Mossimo and one Levi's) have been discontinued. In fact, they don't even have the same label for Mossimo anymore.
2. I don't know my size for sure in any other model = even the 2 pairs are different sizes!

I wish I had a happy ending...but I don't. Or a twin that could try on jeans in the US for me. And all I really want is Levi Signature stretch lowrise bootcut jeans size misses 8 long Dusty Road-colored. Is that too much to ask for?
Any suggestions?

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