Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Storming the Tower

Hi all,
Just a quickie about yesterday's adventure.

The Tower, for which my Dorm is Named...
Now, when I told Chris about my ultra-cool adventure of getting to tour the tower that's attached to my dorm, he asked me which tower I was talking about. Apparently during his 10 day visit he somehow missed it. However, there is indeed a tower attached to my dorm...as it literally means "Golden Tower" because, well, there's a giant yellow tower! As it is extremely old (700+ years) they don't like us or tourists traipsing about in it. However, as a perk to putting up with having to hear drunk German men singing at all hours of the night, they let us into tour the tower once or twice a semester. The first semester the tour was at 8 in the morning on a Saturday. So Steph missed that one. The next tour date(s) got posted 3 days ago. The choices were 3 o'clock Monday, or 7:30 AM Wednesday morning...gee, decisions decisions.

So naturally I went with the 3 pm and met up in the kitchen nearest the tower. The best part was that I hadn't realized that WHOLE wing even existed. They're directly across from our kitchen. The guy who does all the utility work unlocked the door (teeny...watch the pics) for us and we started the ascent. I counted approximately six long flights of stairs, each one ending on a very small and completely empty landing. At the top, our huffing and puffing was rewarded by a 4-sided view of the city. Also inside (along with a good deal of graffiti) was some original art...hopefully they don't come out too faded. After 20 minutes of snapping photos and oohing, we climbed back done. I'm not that great with heights (and I hate ladders), and going down was a little difficult. All the stairs were so old that they were slanted downwards...something I hadn't noticed going up. So it felt like one little slip and you'd keep going...and going...and going.
I made it down without problems, but about 3 minutes later my adrenaline rush caught up with me and I had wobbly legs. Pathetic, I know.

At any rate, it was really cool...
Enjoy the pics!

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