Tuesday, July 5, 2011

And Then I found a Kitten!

Hi all,

See? An actual kitten. Who is now named Cooper. Since Schmee drives one and I work in a Co-op, we found it fitting. We spent the morning of the 4th weeding. I was in the vegetable garden with our house, and Schmee was in the seed garden. I'd taken a break after an hour to go get my forgotten hat, and also to pick up water for everyone - so I'd taken the car back down. As we were driving back, we saw a mother cat drop her kitten on the dirt road and run. So we went out to look.

The kitten is a fluffball, but obviously past the age that it should be having it's eyes open at...which they weren't. This equaled a moral quandary for us...because if we didn't take the kitten home, it was doubtful it would get better. So, we did. After many phone calls to many houses (it apparently takes a village to raise a kitten as well!), we got some good advice on cleaning it's eyes (which popped open, only to get gunked up again after it sleeps...sometimes giving it a pirate-look) and also made a formula for it, as best we could.

Anyhow, it's squeaking, so I need to go feed it..again. Dropperful at a time. Vet visit tomorrow to see what kind of sneezels it has, and to confirm the sex maybe...
Hope all is well,

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