Thursday, December 19, 2013

Television Can Cause Distractments...

Hello all,

At school there is currently a lot of what is referred to as "Controlled work"...which are basically assessment tests based on writing, speaking, listening and reading comprehension. I have been helping with some grading, including some note books with home assignments.

It's interesting to see all that cursive - and quite a challenge at times as well. As I was slogging through one of the assignments on the moral turpitude of television, I came across a gem of a run-on sentence. I really wanted to write it down, but it would have been pretty conspicuous, so I didn't. But, to paraphrase: Television can cause many distractments from childrens, such as sports, reading, intercourse...

The sentence went on. It was full of words that were very long, and clearly taken from the thesaurus. I was at a bit of a loss, so settled for writing a comment on the side of the page that the words were a bit nonsensical. Had I been more with it "I do not think that word means what you think it means.." would have been the perfect retort!!


I just got a funny phone call from one of my new friends from school, asking me to meet her downstairs. I went down, and she handed me a bag - beaming. I was confused, and then I looked inside: "Sushi!" she joyfully announced!


She'd actually invited myself and Lila to go with her tonight, but since her favorite restaurant is the next town over, and Lila was already committed for dinner elsewhere (we have stricter rules on travel the first 3 months), I had to take a raincheck. However, she did stop by after work and we had a nice conversation and tea time.

She's a sweetheart, and it totally made my night!

A funny twist to the story, however, was the text I got as I turned to go back up to my apartment. Previously, I'd fielded a phone call from Hugo (I'm his go-to domestic questions when his mother is unavailable, which is probably best for his eyebrows...) asking about mold and cheese, for doggy consumption. Anyhow, I received a text saying:

 "Ok, so, for the record, I know this is a stupid question, and yes, I know exactly the face you are making as you read this BUT - dogs don't get salmonella, right?"

Cosmic timing...and yes, dogs can - but according to the internet it doesn't happen all that often...

My sushi was delicious.


At any rate, I suppose I could talk about school somewhat. Like that today was St. Nicholas Day. I think the kids did something special in the elementary building (1-4?), but I was mostly with 5th form and above. I was given gifts by two of the teachers, which was so sweet. I now have some holiday decorations, chocolate, and a book on Renoir. And of course, sushi.

Teachers have been welcoming, and the non-English teachers have tried to communicate with me. I need to be more proactive, they are very kind and will likely appreciate my muttering. I met a German teacher today...who also seems to speak good English, but professed that she's much better in Hungarian and Ukrainian (and I feel that a third language was also bandied about...).

The school has 3 buildings, so I've often gotten to bop around several each day. Students have been so excited to see me. Now most of them know my name, before I'm introduced! I had one girl vibrating in her seat with excitement. It's very flattering...and I'm hoping the novelty lasts through next semester...we'll see...

I've had some great conversations with the 11th form as well. They're pretty advanced, and my deadpan humor seems to go over well with them. We had a talk on the topic of "If you were a scientist/inventor, what would you invent?" I had one student go off on a massive rant about how everyone hates going to hairdressers and barbers because they always give you awful haircuts, and so he would make a machine that would give you only good ones. It was punctuated appropriately with enthusiastic, but well placed, mild obscenities. I was pretty impressed.

He has a point.

Also, on that note...all young women (and I guess I mean girls up to women who are unmarried) seem to have long hair here. So I really would have fit in 5 years ago, before I chopped it all off. Unfortunately, I'm rather attached to the new shortness, although I also could use a haircut now. I also need some gift ideas that I can do before Wednesday.

I have been recruited to go and do some Olympiad judging (like speech, but different???...will let you know later), and will be going next Wednesday. So will be spending Christmas with a few Americans. Seems weird...but it'll be good. Also got invited to dinner the night before, so that's exciting too!

Anyhow, I'm wandering around my post, and still want to try to fit some studying in tonight.

Hope all is well,


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