Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Last Week and a Half, in Pictures...

Hi all,

So, I started a great post about my very busy but wonderful last week and a half, but I am lacking the motivation to polish it off and get it up...but here's the compromise!

Most pictures I took at Lila's house where I spent Orthodox Christmas, but I also got together with the other volunteers in the region at my place to celebrate Zim and Hugo's birthdays, and also the wine festival!


 Farkel with the family!

 The cutest 4 year old ever...and she knows it...
 Making a cheese cake!
 This then got topped with Jello...and we got to eat it for breakfast!
 Wrapped around her little finger..what? 
 Because obviously I also needed bunny ears...
 Christmas cooking commenced! 

 Word of my Pizza has spread...and so it was decided to be had for lunch!
 The girls get their smiles from their mother!
 Because we needed 2 cakes...to go with the cookies!
 I've been told next time I visit I may make spaghetti...and I've been adopted :  )
 Time to make the walnut cookies look like walnuts again!
 Sisters in the kitchen!

 "Snowballs" and Nut cookies...
 And then we started making pelmeni after 10pm! Long day in the kitchen!
 Curly came to visit! And of course we cooked!
 Always happiest feeding others!
 It looks like Curly has two cups of wine...but the other is not mine...

 Training group picture! Zim, Me, Hugo and Curly!
Other volunteers and a Ukrainian friend.

Also: here is my shipping address:

Стеф Мансон Бул. Пушкіна 14а/1 М. Мукачево Закарпатсья Обл. 89600 Україна 14 Pushkin St. Apt. 1 Mukachevo Zakarpattia oblast 89600 Ukraine

Since this is now password protected, I figure it's pretty safe, the English version is missing my name, just as a search precaution - so you would add that too. I'd love to get mail!

Hope all is well, and better post soon!


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