Tuesday, August 4, 2015

We Made a Cake

Hi all,

So it was a very productive day today. I'm going to jump to the present, but I'll also skip back to my narrative about my arrival in the next blog.

Since I've been back I've had a new counterpart (as mine is currently in the US - long story). So I'm now assigned to her sister-in-law. Keeping it in the family, Ukrainian style.
She's been wonderful and very helpful in getting me settled in.
She also has a sideline business (other than teaching and being a mom to three young children), of making and decorating cakes. She uses fondant, a medium that I haven't yet dabbled in (more of a cream cheese or ganache girl myself, but I am intrigued), and invited to let me watch and learn when she decorated today.

I spent my morning working on a lesson plan for my first session, and got about 2/3 of the way done. Sometimes having so many sources for resources can be a big challenge - wondering if you're making the best choices, but at a certain point you just have to go for it! Around noon I texted her and they were at my place 15 minutes later on their way home from the market for supplies.

She makes a marshmallow fondant, and the results speak for themselves:

"Ironing" the Fondant

Final Product!

I barely helped - just a little with the balloons, sun and flowers and color consultation (nice purple, hmmm?)

I also received a phone call from Will inviting me on a weekend camping trek with some teachers from his region. We'll go into the mountains. My counterpart was a bit jealous, as she'd like to go as well, but it's difficult to get away with 3 small children, However, she's going to be gone for the weekend so it's good timing. Assuming it gets approved, it will also push me to complete my section planning!

I also completed some forms required for emergence contact information and other such drudgery and got a Facetime session in, so all in all a very productive day!

Hope all is well,


PS - Was also ridiculous excited to get all these very necessary items today - although now I must use them....

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