Sunday, October 11, 2015

My Address

Hello all,

I got this figured out a while ago, but haven't posted. Apparently the post office will deliver most anything to my door - letters for sure, and a package depending on the carrier (Meest is the best). However, it's pretty cost prohibitive. Should anyone feel like dropping me a postcard or letter, I'd love to get some mail!

Стеф Мунсон

Вул. Данила Галицького 57, Кв. 19
М. Мукачеве, Мукачівcький район
Закарпатська Обл.

Steph Munson
57 Danyla Halytskoho St., Apt. 19
Mukachevo, Mukachevo Region
Zakarpats'ka Oblast

It's probably best to simply cut and paste both addresses onto the mail for the highest probability of successful delivery. And remember - dictionaries and antiquities are prohibited.

Hope all is well,


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