Thursday, January 31, 2008

A quick note to End the month on...

Hi all,
So, we'll see if I can quickly write this post so it ends up in the month it belongs to!
Tonight was completely awesome! Not to mention a major adrenaline-kick and a little bit nerve-wracking. We had testing tonight in Karate - and I was going for my yellow belt (yet again...). This was a very different setup than what I am used to. In Shoryn Ru we accumulated hours and showed throughout training that we'd become competent in certain areas, in Kong Su Do we were loosely tested by our instructors and it included board-breaking. However, these guys go the full nine yards and had 2 important (I'm assuming, no one really bothered to tell men from the German Shotokan karate association there to pass judgment. Luckily, the white belts went first, so it was over fairly quickly. I was a little nervous for two reasons. The first being that it was just a normal reaction to a new situation. The second was because of a "wardrobe malfunction" (thanks pop culture!). When I first returned back to Germany, the ties on the left side of my uniform (the under-tie side of my shirt) broke, leaving only one attached. Now, this had happened before, but it's really only the top tie that's important. Well, that decided to rip off tonight too. So I was basically praying that my slightly-too-small belt wouldn't slip or loosen at all. Fortunately, all went well...

My Nutella Fixation Continues...

Well, I must admit that I have been stretching my culinary muscles into rather odd creations. First came the peanutbutter nutella cookies (I made another batch...mmm), next came the grilled peanutbutter and nutella sandwich (mmm, melty!) and most recently I have altered the timeless American classic of ants on a log to "smeared ants on a log" (layer of peanutbutter between the celery and nutella...mmm, healthy? No.).

And Finally...The Embarrassing Story of the Month

So, last week at Karate I went Thursday night as well (I usually end up missing it due to other engagements or pure laziness). Afterwards, I was conversing with a girl named Tina and we were walking back to the changing rooms (remember, you have to go through the changing rooms to access the gyms). The rest of the karate class (all guys that night) were behind us. So, I was just about to step inside the outer door of the changing room when it was Flung open...revealing 4-5 half-dressed MEN. Without a word, I did a 180. Tina, who was a half-step behind me, continued another step forward and just as quickly did an about-face. The guys behind us all roared...We had almost just went into the guy's changing room! Now, since Tina and I don't always come on Thursdays but always on Tuesdays, we're used to being in the gym that's directly across from the girls' changing rooms. I'm also pretty sure that had the door not been flung open the guys behind us would have been content to let us blindly walk into a rather...awkward situation. So, as sorry as I am to have let you down (because I'm sure that would've made a MUCH better story), I found it embarrassing enough as it was.
Now, I'm going to beat the clock and post this quickly. The picture is of the documents I received in my Karate class.
Hope all is well...

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