Thursday, February 7, 2008


Hi all, time for another post...sigh.

So, as you all have read, I tested last week in Karate. I debated with myself if I should even go tonight (a nap sounded SOOOO much better) but I eventually dragged myself to the Sport center. Since I had tested, I put on my yellow belt. I waited in the corridor and almost ended up leaving, because everyone was late. However, I really wished I would have. Turns out that my testing was FOR my WHITE belt. Who tests for a white belt??? Apparently, Shotokan does. How embarrassing...even my instructor had to try to hide his smile when he looked at me. Sigh. Then, to make matters worse, as I left a girl with a greenbelt ran out to me and told me that she has her old white belt - apparently most people were under the impression that I'd lost my white belt! No, I told her, I was simply an idiot. In a way, I could've saved face and just taken it - but they already think I'm kind of an idiot anyhow. Yup...

Sara's Story
Well, in order to make myself feel like I'm the only one who makes mistakes, I am now going to tell Sara's embarrassing story (misery loves company, so should also people in a foreign country). A few days/a week or so ago, Sara decided she had to bite the bullet, and go get a hair cut. She did her homework before hand - because all she wanted was a trim. So she used her paper dictionary, and confidently strode into the Salon and asked for a "Beschneidung". The stylist stared in what Sara took to be a slightly horrified and bemused manner. She went on to demonstrate how she only wanted the ends cut off. When she got back home, she used to find out why the word hadn't worked. Well, she discovered that the word did indeed mean trim, in a manner. However, it carries the unfortunate connotation of - circumcision. See, now you've practically forgotten my story...

So, I am finally done with both my finals, and have only my paper for my English course to write. My Phonetics final disappointed me, because I had a brain freeze for the question part and didn't answer fast enough for her. The reading part, I was really nervous for and she even noticed and remarked on it. So, probably not a good sign. However, it for sure went better than my Texts class. I memorized all the little catch words, but I'm afraid that my lack of vocabulary will drag my grade down - although I hopefully still passed. On a note only slightly pertaining to finals, I enjoyed my first beer the other night. It's kinda a fake beer, however, as it's half pop and half beer. Baby steps people, baby steps. They'll make me a German yet...

Finally, before I sign off, I would like everyone to know that I finally received my ballot for the levy on Monday, and got it sent off on the same day. I didn't rush it, as I don't have 52 euros sitting around, but I did do it.
Hope everyone is well,
P.S. The words under the picture mean "The open bathrooms are closed" - somehow seemed to fit with tonight...

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