Monday, June 23, 2008

Aham - And I'm not Just Clearing my Throat!

Hi all,
So I got back yesterday from Christian's house. His parents are delightfully lovely and very welcoming people and his brothers were both very friendly as well. We made quite the group, and had 2 groups of 5 sleeping in each room. They have a HUGE house (very atypical for Germany!) and a very cute dog. It didn't hurt that their neighbor had Arabians either...

So, Friday night after a lovely dinner, we roasted marshmallows and made "s'mores" because Molly had brought supplies with. She had been talking to Charlotte earlier (Wales) and had asked her:
"Charlotte, have you ever had s'mores?"
To which Charlotte replied (with mild exasperation)
"Molly, just because I had the chicken pox doesn't mean I've had every disease!"
I missed the actual telling of the story, but it was even hilarious secondhand. Poor Charlotte, always having to deal with the somewhat crazy Americans...

Voice of an Audible Registers
Since Sara had come along, Christian's parents asked if she'd sing for us. Sara took her place, on a little raised part of the garden with us sitting at the large tables outside. It took her a moment to gain her composure, but she launched into a beautiful and sorrowful song in Italian. At the beginning, the neighbor's Arabians came out of the barn to investigate this new sound, with the pushy mare shoving the male horse to go first. Very pushy of her. However, that was just the beginning...Halfway through (and at apparently the most heartbroken of moments), Benny, the family dog, came over and decided to be friendly. This broke her concentration and she ended up laughing for a minute. After shooing him to go lie down, she continued uninterrupted until the very last notes, whereupon Benny (who seemed to think she was in distress) came over and started yowling a little bit with her. It was classic! I wish I could have captured it on video but my camera was upstairs.

Long Nights, Bright Lights and Good Company
The first night we had a little "bonfire" in the yard, with about 6 of Christian's high school friends showing up. There was no small amount of alcohol consumed and a small group of us stayed up until about 5 am. We decided that once the roosters started crowing and the sky lightened drastically that it was time to go to bed. Unfortunately, Emma accidentally pulled down the curtain rod when she was trying to adjust it, so we had a very bright room to sleep in.
The second night, Saturday, after dinner and watching the Croatia/Netherlands game, we headed down to the local pub. I found it amusing that it was located right next to the church, but apparently that's completely typical for small German villages. We met up with some more of Christian's friends and stayed out until 3:30. Another long night. I slept very well last night!

The Beach!
It does strike me as ironic that we went to the beach (inspired perhaps by my asking if we would) and I was the one to forget my swimsuit - along with Emma and Kayla. However, we did some improvising. Modesty is a lot easier to let go of when everyone around you is showing considerably more skin (topless bathing seems to be a popular habit in many women over 40 here, likewise older men in Speedos). So all I will say is that my first official 2 piece swimsuit won't be gracing the public's eye anytime soon in the US.

Anyhow, I should probably do some last moment things before Karin arrives tomorrow and look over homework - my first final in one class is in a week - but those were the hi-lights of my weekend in Aham. I'll get my pictures up soon, I hope.
Hope all is well,

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