Friday, June 20, 2008

The Future is Looming...

Hi all,
I just wanted to a make a quick post before I'm gone for the weekend! One of my floormate's parents invited us to his house this weekend and so after theater practice tonight I'll be gone until Sunday. I've been keeping pretty busy lately for upcoming events:

A Visit from Karin!
Karin is finishing her last final on Monday and is repaying my visit! (Karin is a friend from Denmark who studied at WHA when I was in 11th grade...) She's arriving very early Tuesday morning, so Kayla is going to go pick her up as I have classes. In honor of Karin coming my room got a good scrub-down and organizing. It's still far from perfect, but as I am living in it, it's to be expected! However, I do feel like I should receive major bonus points as I finally washed the floor - a first, although I have swept it a few times. At any rate, a few loads of laundry to have all-clean sheets in the room and I'm set! I don't really have anything planned, but we'll probably do a day trip or two to somewhere...

Theater Update
I am once again in the theater group this semester and our production dates are looming: 1-5 July. All but one of our characters are off-script and the last one (a large male-lead role...) is picking up his slack at a rapid rate. As it's an amateur/foreign student theater group there is a wide range in talent present, but I've really been impressed with how it's all coming together. I'd invite you all to come, but as it's a bit far and also in German, it's probably a hard sell huh?

Movin' in, Movin' out...
One of the biggest challenges I'm facing right now is finding an apartment with Eric. Luckily my Grandma and his aunt have been very helpful in going to look at places for us. It has proved impossible to find an affordable and well-kept apartment very near the University, but we've lately found a few options located closely to the local bus routes. Right now there's a clear winner, but I still have to discuss it with Eric. It's pretty much perfect except we'd have to probably pay an extra month's rent...although that may be better anyways as the leases are 12 month. Eric will be sticking around for 1.5 years, but I'm on target to graduate at the end of next year. Of course, what I'll do after that is entirely up in the air - and too far in the future to know yet!

On this side of the ocean, I just received my packet with a check-list for things to do before I leave. It's quite impressively long. It involves contacting my housing manager twice to set up an appointment to be checked out and then check out, disconnecting my internet, canceling my matriculation, canceling my insurance, closing my bank account and about 5 other things. However, I do have a 12 day window between my last final and my flight, so it should work out.

Anyhow, I should go pack and do some grocery shopping for Sunday, as I volunteered to cook Sunday dinner this week. Hope all is well, and Happy Birthday to my mom on the 22nd!
Hope all is well,

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