Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Cat Pooped in the Sink Today

Hi all,

I really wish that it was April first. But, it's not, is it? I have numerous approaches to looking at this...first: BAD. Julia had come over to say hi, and was desperate for a bathroom - and since the downstairs one was being used, she ran upstairs. Of course, she noticed right away, and so I was able to get some gloves on and take care of it. Memo: house needs bleach. On the other hand, it could have been worse. I mean, there USED to be a litterbox in the bathroom, and maybe the cat was locked in accidentally. It was the bathroom, so in the right neighborhood. Additionally, she might be pissed off that she doesn't get to go into rooms or outside at night and may be a little disgruntled. Still, it was just one of those kinds of days.

People keep asking how it's going, as if they're expecting us to proclaim it's a catastrophe. It's nice to hear people are concerned, but it almost makes you paranoid when you can say things seem to be going fine for the most part - at least with everyone currently living in the house. Sure, there are some hiccups and things that we're still learning about each other. We have different styles and different needs that we have different approaches to fulfilling. But people seem happy, and we have lots of laughter around the table. Schmee, Baker and myself see how it is and know where we'd like to get it to be, but are aware of our limitations and that some things will just take some time. But I think we're all up for the challenge.

Yesterday we had our first neighborhood meeting, which was certainly a different experience from my old neighborhood, and it was just a small gathering due to it being our first meeting. It's interesting to watch the power dynamics.

It was also Franklin's birthday recently, and so I went out with my old house to celebrate. We had dinner and a movie, and it went as well as it ever did, but we made it.

In other exciting interview is only 8 days away. I've been brushing up on facts on Japan, and investigating their education system a bit. Little things just seem to be pointing to this being the next step. I'm not a huge "It's a Sign!" sort of person, but this just feels right somehow. Time will tell, but I am happy and honored that I even made it to this stage.

Anyhow, as things get settled in I'll try to post more, but no promises. My stress level is definitely up and I'm spending most of my time trying to relax or study. Seminar is marching on and I'm letting it go loosely, the interview is priority. Surprisingly, Valentine's Day was completely a non-issue this year. In years past it was always a bit romantic when I was with someone, or a bit wistful/hateful if I wasn't. But this year I was just grateful that I didn't have to worry about it. Plus, I got some good Valentines from a few friends and a very cute one from my father.

Hope all is well,

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