Thursday, February 10, 2011


Hi all,

So...changes again. I moved into a new house yesterday afternoon, but only managed about 45 minutes of unpacking. Schmee has been here about 3 weeks already (super excited to be running a house with her and Baker!), and she was great help for keeping me company while I tried to figure it all out. I was so exhausted after yesterday I fell asleep at 10:30 and was out hard. I've spent a little more time today unpacking and arranging, but I went from lots of shelves to 6, plus a huge closet. I'm actually put off by the whole notion of a "walk-in" closet (although it narrows in the back withe eaves), but that's probably just laziness of not being able to just stand in front of it. Pathetic, I'm sure.

The last few weeks have been a blur of getting everything wrapped up in my old house (2 audits, plus trying to file all the old financial records that have been rotting in various drawers...still might've not found them all!), going on an outing to NYC with a few people from the house for a benefit concert for a neighboring community, coping with the fact Calvin AND Buttercup ended up taking vacations at the same time for about 8 days, having a delivery pass us by, having it late this week because he had an accident, seminar, various meetings, etc etc etc.

Oh, did I mention I got a JET interview?

Yup. Still haven't gotten the letter for when, but should be at the end of the month. So, my days off will be filled with writing seminar papers and studying up for the interview.

So Steph's stress level has been pretty impressive.

There was a lot of shifts and changes and stress surrounding the actual move, that it's simply an incredible relief to be here. It's strange, as Schmee put it, because we know what we have to do...just not the details for how to do it with the people we're with. So, there's a good learning curve.

Anyhow, here's a good quote for you...backstory first: our truck driver got delayed in one of the many snow storms last week that happened on Tuesday. He called the co-op early Wednesday morning, and someone answered. He said he'd be there around 9, but might need directions. Work was off in the village that morning, but I was there waiting. At 10:30 I finally called the company. The transportation office claimed they tried to call to ask about road conditions and when they didn't reach us, had the truck bypass. They know our hours of operation, and if they called when I was on the line, surely they could've tried again or deduced that someone was there...But apparently not...

The proud-American delivery guy I have in the morning asked me about it:

"So when did the truck come in?!?!"
"Uh, it didn't..."
"Why not?!"
"Um...because they're (hold back, Steph...)...nincompoops!"
"What the hell is a nincompoop!?"
"Idiots...they're idiots"
"Oh - like you! Hahahaha"

It was pretty funny...

So, my brain is still pretty dead, so I'm about to turn in soon.

Hope all is well,

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