Sunday, July 13, 2008

I'm Procrastinating...

Hi Everyone,
I'm officially in "Countdown"mode...which is not boding well for my two finals this week. I spent all of Thursday hammering out a 8 page paper (in English, which my group members will translate - yay for group work) and also did a handout. I should be working on formulating a study guide, but I"m doing this first.

Wednesday Dinner
This Wednesday I ended up making dinner with a friend of mine, Jean, from Theater. It turned out to be quite the improvised affair, as the pizza pan I'd brought didn't fit in his microwave oven. I found out once I got there that he didn't actually have an oven. Apparently he doesn't cook much. He was also captivated by the "Italian Spice" mix that I picked up - which we have at home, of course. Apparently he had a whole tin of mixed herbs that he brought all the way from France. Once again, I don't think he cooks much. Another French guy came and helped and ate with us as well. It was an interesting affair as Jean shares his kitchen with at least 15 people (it's very large though, with multiple stove tops) and it was quite the exciting environment to cook in.
Weekend Parties
Yes, there is a plural in my weekend partying fun. Friday night there was the last Gesslerheim (a big dorm party that all the Erasmus students go to) party. It was weird because I hadn't seen a large amount of the people there for months and I didn't recognize a large percent at all, as some people had gone home after only one semester. It was fun, but kind of sad at the same time. At around 3 I ended up walking home with Eric and Mike (from Heidelberg, he's living in Munich now for college). The buses stop running at midnight, which is why I normally never went to Gesslerheim parties.Laura had generously offered to allow me to sleep at her place, but it was a nice night and really, a 45 minute walk has become pretty much nothing or average, which is kind of funny.

The other party that I went to last night was Rob's "Cops and Robbers" birthday party. It was supposed to be dress up, but as I didn't intend on staying very long, I ended up being a "plainclothes" cop. The rules were rather interesting, as everyone had to be tied to one another (in pairs), one cop to one robber. I ended up getting tied to Stefana, which was pretty fun. The other rules included silly ones like no names, pointing, swearing...etc and then there were the bar rules. Obviously, it was a binge-drinking experience - or was supposed to be. The original plan called for a certain number of bars/clubs (9?), where there was a drink you were supposed to order, with a time limit in which to drink it. However, no one took it all that seriously, and I made it through with only one drink for the night. We drew quite a lot of attention, as I believe a there were approximately 10-15 pairs of tied people. That eventually got old as well, with non-smokers tied to smokers and mixed pairs and bathroom breaks. But it was a lot of fun, and I think Rob enjoyed his birthday exceedingly.

Last weekend there was a "Renaissance Festival" that was going on across the bridge in the far part of Regensburg. Sara went with me to check it out, and it was quite small in comparison. However, we spent a good hour walking around - just enough time to see everything before the rain started. We got inside pretty wet, but just before the total downpour. The rest of the week has been hot, except the last 3 days, where it's been raining off and on all day but pretty clear at night.

At any rate, I should go start on that study guide. I hope all is well with everyone...

PS. Here's a random video of Charlotte singing the Welsh anthem.

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