Friday, July 25, 2008

The Universe is Conspiring Against Me

Hi All,
While I'm not trying to take it personally, the chain of events that has occurred over the past few days has made me wonder exactly what horrible deed I've committed to deserve such special treatment.

Washing Machine...?
Last Thursday they removed our washer and dryer...and that was exciting - because everyone knows that if you remove something, you're planning on replacing it quickly. Oh right, that's just a common mistake in reasoning that the optimists in the world embrace. So, really, I shouldn't have been surprised that it took them a WHOLE week to replace the darn thing (and she's a beaut- and cheaper) - the week before 30-40 students would be flying home. Not to mention all the German students leaving as well. Grrrrreat timing guys. At any rate, I have my last load (ever!) in the dryer right now, and then I'm free of the scary dungeon.

Rocky Horror Picture Show
So, I know that this is kind of a big deal to people who are in to it - and so my first time probably shouldn't have been in Germany. It was in English however, and some Germans went the whole nine yards. I heard I missed the hotdog throwing - but let's face it, the German's aren't the type to waste any type of food -especially their nationally acclaimed wurst. However, getting there took a good 40 minute hike, thanks to a very wrong map that I tried to use. However, a good long hike and one long, dark scary road later and Sara and I were there. Definitely an experience I'll have to do in the US!

So, no, I haven't suffered any atrocious injuries lately requiring me to test my insurance policy. However, Eric and Brady (who flew back today) stopped by with Yulia to sit me down for some bad news. Now, most of the times this has happened, someone has I was a little freaked out. Apparently, my insurance hasn't been covering this past month. Also, they take out the insurance for the previous month on the first of the next month (ie, April was taken out May 1st). Now, one would think "Perfect! Steph closed her bank account, but since she wasn't actually covered this month, it won't be a problem". However, you'd be wrong. Apparently, we still have to pay for the protection, that we weren't under on this month. I don't understand it either, but they can apparently bar me from re-entry into Germany if I fail to pay the 50 some euros. So THAT'S going to be a fun mess to untangle on Monday.

Lufthansa Strike
Isn't "Strike" an ugly word? In fact, I'm beginning to draw an unfortunately strong correlation between the word "Germany" and "Strike". This is the second time an airline has gone on strike in Germany (plus the post, public transportation in Regensburg, the Bahn, etc). The best part is that the strike starts on Monday, and we fly out Tuesday. See?! I told you we're being singled out! So, once again, that should be a barrel of laughs. Apparently they have an "emergency plan" ready to put in place, but it's very likely we could be made to take a train to Frankfurt and re-routed through another company (with likely much lower baggage allowances...sweet...not).
So yeah, I'm kinda feeling screwed over here.

A Little Light
Now, I love pessimism as much as the next person, but I'll leave you with this little ray of sunshine that fell into my life. After finding out that no, I couldn't actually sell my bike back to the shop Vaso bought it at, I was able to sell it. Not for a whole lot, but for something. That made my day. That, and the AMAZING lemon cheesecake I made.

So there, that almost overshadows the negatives, right? Sigh, I hopefully will be seeing you soon...cross your fingers for me!
Hope all is well,
P.S. Here's a youtube video made from my theater group. However, it's in German...

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