Sunday, July 27, 2008

Empty Room full of Memories

Hi everyone,
Phew. I just finished emptying and cleaning my ENTIRE room. As you can see above, everything is astoundingly white. However, this does not mean that my life very neatly boxed up at this point (at least where I will make a weight limit anyways...sigh). At any rate, I am enjoying the last hour or so I will be spending in this room. At 5 some good friends are coming over to help me lug things over to Eric's - where Claudia is making the last Sunday Dinner. Unfortunately this seems like it will be time to say "Goodbye" to a lot of the best friends I've made here. This will probably result in tears. As I'm not much of a crier, I'm hoping they won't be mine. We will see.

My last several days have been low-key, to say the least. I've been slightly in denial, but now am starting to get excited about traveling (knocking on wood against Lufthansa...). I have been trying to cram things into my bags, along with last minute purchases of German chocolate and tiny souvenirs. Fortunately, most people got something at Christmas, so I was able to fit about 90% of my clothing in - the rest will be donated. Sentimental feelings fade somewhat after 10+ hours of cleaning, and I went into "toss" mode.

Anyhow, some of my people are here, so I'm pulling the internet plug (I have to somehow electronically close my internet account). So, think happy thoughts and hope I get home all right!

Hope all is well,

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