Saturday, September 4, 2010

...And then I Ran Over the Squirrel...

Hi all,

So, it was an eventful last few days. Thursday was pretty much a day for traumatic events. I went to an important meeting that I somehow got myself lassoed into, although it opened up some very interesting dialogues and we didn't get yelled at once. Imaginations can be deadly.

Then I went to a Dr's appointment with Franklin, and as one of the nurses so succinctly: "He has the bedside manner of a troll". I think he traumatized me worse than Franklin, thankfully, but it was the last thing either of us needed. We got home to lunch on time, but lunch was then late. So I had to run to my next meeting and give my account of the confusingness that is the co-op currently. (Not to mention the state of co-workers...But at this rate I'm just accepting that people are coming and that the work group will sort everything out eventually - and it gives me time to do papers, inventory stuff at the last minute, ordering and trying to organize finances...)

The co-op was blessedly uneventful and after doing dinner I had a few minutes for myself. I went to the glass workshop and finally got to do some more work on my project. More tomorrow is on the line, as I get a day off. Which I 100% need at this point! Anyhow, I had to run into town to do a bank deposit and then went to the hall to lock up. And found a nice spurting leak from a hot water boiler. My mind went blank and I ran next door (because turning knobs is equal to potential exploding things in my mind...) to get help and call the guy for maintenance emergencies. So that was fun.

Then I tried to go to the swim pond for a potentially unmodest dip, only to be thwarted by a huge group of people - most new. And by this point I was completely overwhelmed. And then there was the snapping turtle. I splashed at the hump in the water and it disappeared, so I'm going with turtle and not ginormous water snake. Yup. Then I went home and crawled into bed...and fervently hoped Friday would be better.

It started out ok, and I picked up our new co-worker's gf at Hudson during the afternoon rest hour. We were almost home when a squirrel darted across our path. I've never hit one before, but I slowed down a little - gauging that it would make it no problem. It then turned around, but still had plenty of time. It was back to the grass when it made a kamakazi dive towards the car. I braked but it was too late: thumpedy thump thump. I was extremely surprised- squirres always get out of my way! Then I looked over and saw tears leaking from the gf's eyes.


The absurdness of the last 24 hours caught up with me and I had trouble not laughing. What are the odds of me hitting an animal with someone so tender-hearted that they'd actually cry? At somewhat of a loss, I asked "Oh, you must be a vegetarian then?" Nope, she's too picky of an eater to give up chicken. This really was a struggle to maintain a somber expression and I resigned myself to deliver her in tears. The last part was, as she was about to get out of the car, she asked in a horrified tone if I thought it could still be wedged in the tires. Since both the wheels had thumped, I was pretty sure we were safe, and tried to tactfully tell her so. So that was also great.

D'Artagnan said that I should do an audio blog so people know my speech mannerisms and can fully appreciate the flavor of my words. So, maybe, when the fiber optic system comes in (supposedly December...?) I could do that. I suppose I could do it now, but at the upload pace, it'd probably take that long anyway.

Today I cleaned...and cleaned...and cleaned. From about 8:50 to 10:50 when we went to the hall to clean for another hour. Hum was incredulous about what all I'd managed to do by myself and the house. We got the downstairs completely vacuumed, the kitchen mopped, the stove wiped, both bathrooms done, cubbies cleaned, a under-the-weather-Beau looked after and hydrated, some walls wiped, plants watered, a few loads of laundry done and a few outside tasks done by Hather. But I still ended up doing lunch meds and bringing up Beau's lunch.

After a too-short rest hour, the new co-worker and I (even though it was his day off...his gf left) went to the Columbia County Fair with Franklin, Clyde (look...finally a new name for the newest villager...) and Maria. We had a treat, I rode a rickety "Zipper" ride with Clyde (and only screamed a moderate amount...), moseyed around the animals and watched a sheep show. There was one unfortunate girl who could not keep her sheep under control. Although, if I was also a novice 4H sheep show-er, I would've been in the same place. It got completely out of control at the end when it bolted and slipped the rope halter she had on it and the judge had to lunge after it to get it. Poor girl.

It was exhausting and I'm glad I didn't go alone...wouldn't have worked out well. We got back shortly before Franklin was due to go out for bible supper and managed the rest of the evening uneventfully. I locked up the hall and was getting concerned about not hearing from Julia and when to pick her up when she was dropped off by some friends. So it was really nice to see her!

And I had a really nice time with Schmee and Carey last night - it was pretty much exactly what I needed...a nice girl's night in.

Hope all is well,

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