Monday, September 6, 2010

Eat, Spit and Make Music

Hi all,

Before addressing today's title, I'd just like to note the glorious day off I had yesterday. I managed to get a load of laundry done, a little crafting and a lot of reading. I also fled to another house to hang out for most of the day. Just getting out is fantastic. Also, Julia came back Saturday night, so that helps a lot too. It's disconcerting to be around so many new faces...again!

Today started at nine for me. I got up and while throwing together pancake mix, I realized I could also make quiche. So I did. One of the household is allergic to a crapload of things, but I managed to get around all of his allergies. True, it had to have a rye/oat flour crust, but it was definitely not terrible. I didn't have time to fully bake it before putting the liquid/bacon/onions in, but it still turned out quite tasty. New co-worker (hey, it's hard to think up names...I don't want to give him a bad one!) helped come down and finish pancakes o time, and so we had brunch by 10:40. Not so bad, I think! We also had berries and whipped cream, and so it was truly quite the feast. Then we had a nice long rest time.

Afterward, we went up the seed workshop and I helped chop up yellow watermelons. Since we had the day off for Labor Day, a whole chunk of the community showed up in order to eat (and spit out seeds from) watermelon, in order to get seeds for next year. The watermelons were a yellow variety and had an excellent flavor. There was also a special "bean dancing" where we were invited to stomp on bean shells in order to get the beans inside out. Of course, I have pictures, and should probably get them up. And the Boston trip pictures too, sometime.

Sigh. It'll be sometime soon.

I hope.

Anyhow, after everyone glutted themselves on watermelons, the new German co-workers all clustered together for safety. We bite, you know. No, I can remember being intimidated when I came but things will redistribute once seminar and the different groups sort themselves out. With the responsibility I've undertaken, I find myself in a unique position. I can understand house parents a lot better now, but still have a perspective from someone with real little power to change things. I'm also kept incredibly informed through many sources (working in the co-op alone does that) and so I often have the answers that people are looking for. Obviously I try not to blab personal things, but relaying on meeting times and such makes me seem on top of the ball...

Anyhow, it was a lovely afternoon. Beau had fun hanging out with the musicians who brought their instruments to play on while people "bean danced" and improvised on a watering can that he alternately banged with a stick and pretended to water with. Connie walked around "asking"/demanding people to take pictures of her, Maria ate watermelon and hovered while Franklin was his usual social self and hung out with a good buddy.

We had a joint barbecue with one of the neighbors for dinner, and then I had a skit practice. And now I'm going to bed...finally.

Hope all is well,

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