Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm Just Here for the Money

Hi all,

Yes, yes, you may stare at your screen reproachfully. But I'm Catholic and thus immune to you guilting me. In fact, I even have a t-shirt idea about it. But I can't tell you or someone will steel my sheer-brilliant design, it's just that good.

Anyhow, I digress.

We had an orientation session on Tuesday and got to play a rousing round of "interview your partner". This is always more fun with people who are non-native English speakers. One of the first pairs declared that his partner had come to get away from his girlfriend. The other retorted that the other guy wasn't into the women here. I think that was quite a surprise for at least one girl in particular. Ha ha ha....Nope.

My partner and I were ready to go:

"Should I go first, or would you like to?" He asked.
"Go for it. I don't mind"
"That's first!"

So I promptly launched into his introduction. I really just didn't find it terribly funny, joke or no!

In retaliation, he summed up my explanation for how I came to the village by coming through the Americorps program as: "She's just here for the money".

However, I was also described as "The feminine core of her family". Which is one way to put it, I suppose. Although he clearly doesn't know me and my sometimes slightly aggressive tendencies. Three brothers will cultivate that in a girl...

I also got to hear a conversation between Carl (new villager= name!) and the 3.5 year old. I came in on the phrase: (well, I was in my room...)
"Only boys have penises!"
3.5: "I know! My sister has one"
"No she doesn't! She's...female....That means she's a girl - and girls don't have penises!"
"But...I saw her pee on the floor!"

Apparently girls can't pee because one needs a penis to pee.

Good to know.

Anyhow, the house has been crazy this week, with houseparents out of the loop pretty much. Calvin (name!) has been struggling valiantly to do the best he can, and his cooking has been far from inedible. A lot has to be learned for time management and house-running, but I know it definitely took me a while - plus I had housemom there for support - until I nicely asked her to just let me cook. He'll get there too.

Anyhow, I have a meeting I have to get too. I shall endeavor to post a bit more often...

Hope all is well,

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