Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hofreite-Schnitzel mit kochkäse


Hi all,

You may have no idea what that means, but it was delicious. True, I skipped a beer in order to avoid a harder time with jetlag (slept for 12 hours last night, but woke up tired because it was 2am NY time...), but it was pretty much perfect. Oh, and the 'German Art' - which I was told not to call it - was sitting on our table...

Anyhow, getting to Germany was a 24 hour affair. Because of a last minute offer, I was able to leave the village at 6AM, taking the 6:50 commuter train. I actually have a little written about I was in Iceland for 7 hours. Or the airport, at any rate. So maybe I'll just post that later! Anyhow...Benny and his sister and father met me at the airport - after a long wait for my suitcase - and it took us a mere half hour to get to their house. Which is very nice - and the third German house I've been in.

I was able to stay awake until amost 9 pm. At first there was quite a bit of English, which was appreciated, but we slowly lapsed into German. Even though my accent is terrible and my endings almost always wrong, I can get my point across. And of course Benny can always translate when we get stuck. When my brother arrives tomorrow, we may have to do a bit more English, but probably not as much as he thinks! Anyhow, we had fun talking, getting to know eachother, and I handed out presents. I also got a sweet t-shirt - and Sam's suggested plaid shirt was a HUGE success for Benny although mainly his girlfriend : p

We were up by 9 today to eat breakfast to leave at 10. We picked up Benny's aunt and little cousin (cute as a button) and went with his mother and sister for a riding lesson. I will be feeling said lesson for the next week, I believe. Ow. That's mainly the instructor's fault though, she had us sitting for the trot for WAY too long instead of posting. I thought it was weird at the time, and found out later that it was. I've only ever ridden English a few times, so I wasn't sure. Benny's sister assured me the lesson would be given in English (since it is an English riding lesson), but apparently not. This would've gone better if my horse - Gaston - hadn't been the strongest lead horse. I found out that I definitely can't concentrate on German and riding a new style at the same time. Oh, and I'd never used a whip before either. But it went all right:

We got back around 1 and had lunch. Then Benny asked if we could play spoons. So we did...for over an hour. So much fun. Then they took me out to a nice restaurant (with the cousin) and I got to have the schnitzel. YUM.

Anyhow, I'm going to try to stick it out another hour or so before bed...we will see!

Hope all is well,


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