Tuesday, August 3, 2010

They call Me "Deth"

Hi all,

Ok, so "they" is actually the 1.5 year old. And it tickles me pink. Anyhow...Sunday recap...

Hum had serve-yourself-breakfast and the service send-off, so I got to sleep in a little bit. Hum and Hather and the kids went out for brunch and the afternoon. I took us out to the Cupcake deli restaurant and we had a great bunch. At a 4:1 ratio, it wasn't very ideal, but since I know 3 out of 4 really well and the fourth seems to be a sweetheart for the most part, it worked out great. We then trekked over the Guilder pond trail - although the car ride there was a lot longer than I recalled from with Julia. The weather wasn't ideal so we only spent about 45 minutes there total. Then we went into Great Barrington to the SoCo Creamery and got icecream. We got home around 4ish.

Then I became a barber. I took out the clippers because Beau had been pointing to his head and asking for a haircut. So naturally Maria wanted one too. And then the house further away in our neighborhood's housemother came up and asked if I'd do one of their ladies as well. They've all gotten compliments from people who didn't know I did it, so it must not've looked too shabby!

On Monday things got a bit crazy. I was in the Co-op in the morning, after running to the bank and all around the village to get news out about karaoke and about getting a ride for Friday morning. I had to hurriedly do an order list, and I know I forgot one or two things...but it was the best I could do. I processed the bad bananas into bags to freeze for banana bread in the afternoon and did some billing. In the evening I showed my crazy side. Around 7 I went over and got the lowdown on jam-making. Since we had 40 pounds of peaches, this was important...

After about 15 minutes I felt informed (the housemother nextdoor is a canning-goddess!) and started making applesauce (because it has high-pectin content and is good filler with the peaches) - slicing, boiling until soft and then putting them through a hand-cranked mill. We have lots of apples, and Hum was happy to see them being used. Bean came over shortly before 8 and jumped in with her jars and peaches. We ran them through the dishwasher and then started blanching the peaches. Yeah. That was painful. After a while we stopped to peel and then chop/squish them. We got about 20 cups and mixed in 5 of the applesauce. We brought it to a boil with lemon juice and the calcium phosphate powder and then added 7.5 cups of sugar with 19 tsp of pectin mixed in and brought that to a boil. And then the shit hit the fan...

We were having an interesting time with taking the "sterilized" jars out of the oven. We then poured the peach mixture into them (or Bean did, rather), and then pressed the tops on and then screwed them down with the round things. The first two went beautifully, the seal was inverted. The next two popped immediately. Frustrated, we tried again and again, until remembered we needed to wipe around the rims to make a good seal. Still didn't help...So when Sam and another co-worker came in, we were having a slightly-hysterically funny semi -break down thing. Between our 4 degrees...Anyhow, we then realized that they would seal themselves with the heat...duh. And sure enough, we had 19 little jars this morning with perfect seals! Which Hum very nicely labeled...good for the house. Not so good for poor Bean who had her named mispelled and was planning on labeling them for Christmas presents. But a very appreciated gesture. Oh, and they taste good.

But it was a little crazy.

Anyhow, today was along a similar vein. Sam went to help the vegetable gardeners to harvest, and so I made the muesli. It was extra-yummy with peach, coconut and a little applesauce in it. After breakfast I did cafe money and generally ran around. I went to the Co-op and saw my workmaster and we went over some more ordering information. It's slowly coming together. Thankfully, he informed me that he will be phasing out, but it wont happen until after Septemberish - at least totally. So that's quite reassuring. After a quick cafe lunch I went to a Dr's appointment and got back at around 4:15. With a quick Walmart run for paper bags and small cups for tonight.

After dinner I ran to the hall and co-op to get things ready. Thankfully, Sam had already gotten the machine set up - so I only had to get the popcorn going. I also had some help. Commun(e)ity karaoke was a huge hit, or so I heard. I did a little singing with Maria and Sunny (both times interesting), but between the music, dancing and snack there was a lot of fun going on.

Now I'm tired...after a quick dip with Julia!

Hope all is well,

PS Still have to pack...

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