Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hum is Overdue...and Not on Library Books!

Hi all,

Hum's due date has come and gone now...and she's really ready to have this baby! Actually, I think we all are. People keep asking me if she's had it, and when I say "No, not yet..." they immediately ask "Well, when is it coming?!"...whenever it wants to! We also had a random conversation that somehow wasn't so out of place...

Hum "Well, apparently you're the opposite gender in your previous life..."
Me: (because I genuinely was curious..) "Uh, what does it mean if you're a hermaphrodite?"
Hum: "Oh don't go there! I don't know! It probably means you were...a jellyfish then! Really Steph..."

I then took the opportunity to share my knowledge (gained from the public library!) that a group of jellyfish is called a smack. The next day at lunch we had our Thursday regulars and she asked if the baby was a boy or a girl. When Hum said it had to be one or the other, I couldn't help but to quip in:

"Unless it was a jellyfish last time!"

Luckily, she found this somewhat humorous.

Things have been somewhat crazy lately. We got our new co-worker who will be Sam's replacement, and so far Beau has really taken a shine to him - even playing little jokes with him. I hope he keeps that good frame of mind when Sam leaves. : (

I've also been pretty much alone in the co-op, except that the new co-worker has been temporarily helping out. He helped with some stuff and to keep the villager that's in on afternoons right now on task, and I tried to order. Talk about failure. I ended up (after 2 long, drawn out attempts) to just order from my laptop for next week. It'll be a big one!

I also took a while longer to get over the jetlag. But I've been busy in my evenings as well. Wednesday night we played Apples to Apples and I met some of the new co-workers. Thursday night I gave a co-worker (female) a haircut. It was...interesting. But I did a pretty decent job, but her hair bounced out funny when she washed it the next day and so she pretty much shaved it down to 1/2 inch. She still looks beautiful - she's just one of those people!

Last night I did ordering "fun" and met up with a co-worker in the co-op that I seldom see. We had a good discussion and I once again realized that the co-op is really a community place and it's nice to be able to see people that you normally wouldn't!

Today I had the day off and so I went for a hike this morning with Julia and then we chilled at Guilden Pond. It was not an extremely nice day, so we didn't end up swimming. I went to go with Bean swimming, but it was too cold and we ended up in a restricted (but beautiful) area. Unfortunately, there was a special event in the area and the rangers were super-vigilant. So that was slightly awkward...but a good adventure. Honestly, if you know it's dangerous but it's public property, I think you should be allowed to take your own risks. There were some nice and calm pools for swimming (although ungodly cold!) and so I was slightly resentful. Oh well.

And of course, we went and got ice cream.

Hope all is well, and I try to be better at posting!


PS I got my first ripe tomato! It was delicious!

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