Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Bouncy Baby Girl...and Only a Mere 10.5 pounds...

Hi all,

So yes, my house now has a new addition. And definitely a way easier time to experience living with a newborn without having to have it myself! (Yurg.) Hum went in and the baby was born sometime this morning/afternoon. The kids already got to meet her, and apparently both are doing well. Seems hard to complain about my day being eventful...

But it's my blog.

Sooo. After breakfast I went with the new co-worker...yes, I still need a name for him...and we went to the vegetable market. Then I went to work and waited until the delivery truck came. At 12:15 I got a call from another lost and new driver, although he was relatively close. He showed up about 10 minutes later. It was just myself and a guy - a villager who wasn't supposed to lift much - and over 5,000's worth of food. So that was a wonderful 2 pallets to unload, containing about 1400 pounds of bulk dry goods alone. Yup. It took us until 12:50, although I called the cafe to save me a plate. I hadn't done money, so charged us all and sorted that mess out tonight - and then did meds when I got back.

I was a little overwhelmed by the huge order, but luckily Sam dropped by and said he could probably get off work to come help. So a majority of the order did get done and the bakery came and picked up 1200 pounds of what they'd ordered. So that was really great. The workmaster also came back from vacation, and stopped in briefly - luckily he'll be there tomorrow. Dinner was a lot of fun, we had jokes running the whole time. I think the stress of waiting for the baby's healthy and safe arrival had weighed on everyone a bit.

After dinner, I had the neighbor keep an "awareness" for us, and Sam, myself and the new co-worker went to the young co-worker meeting. It was nice to see the new ones, although we were missing a fair amount of people. Nothing too interesting was discussed, but it was good to discuss some minor things and feel people out.

Sam is leaving in a week, which means we should probably plan something for him. Or, rather, that I should. Not really sure how I can fully include everyone if Hum will be in the hospital until 5-6 days from now. We will see...

Hope all is well,

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