Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm Back in the Country

Hi all,

And I'm trying not to feel to bad about it. However, I'm rather jetlagged right now and so this will be a quickie (20 hours of traveling yesterday, got back to the village at about 12:45...yup.)

Got surprised when picked up by Sam and Julia because our new co-worker showed up 4 days early. Found out through the village newspaper thingy. Met him at lunch time at the cafe, seems to be a nice guy. Will need a nickname, I suppose. Hm. Anyhow, ate lunch with D'Artagan who is settled into his new (temporary) house. He was sitting next to a woman who started to flip out and said "He's going to bite me!" So we switched seats and I told her I would bite her if she didn't mind her manners with him at the table. We got served lunch, which would've been ok had not the zucchini patty things not been severely charred. The same woman declared: "It's ok. I Like them burnt! They're healthy for me."

After relaying this story to Bean (who works with the same woman in the garden) she told me a story where the woman use to blame all the farts in the garden on the basil plants. She less charmingly now blames them on Bean.

I hung out with Bean a little bit tonight, which was nice. But now I'm really tired and feeling the jetlag...so goodnight!

Hope all is well,
And yes, I may recap parts of my vacation later!

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