Saturday, July 31, 2010

I'm Tsking Myself, So You Needn't.

Hi all,

Sooooooooo. Saturday night we went to Lala Rokh. It is a Persian restaurant, although my mom ordered a "Scheniztel" or something, that was, indeed Schnitzel. However, the food and the beer were delicious. We then decided that we should have a night cap. Preferably some Hennessy. So, after wandering a bit, we ended up in an Irish pub. Which only served beer and wine. Very disappointing. So we hiked up a few more streets and found a tavern. We made it back in time for the shuttle. Which then didn't show up. After a long and drawn out situation involving 15 passenger vans, budging and my mom almost losing it (and justifiably so), we finally got back to our hotel room.

Sunday morning we got up and started hiking the Freedom Trail. We did the cemeteries, the churches, the old state house, and a few other monuments. We had lunch at a great little Italian family restaurant - which I have a picture of but you can't see. Ha. Anyhow, we then went and got gelato. I also picked up a t-shirt and some sunglasses, because I 1. Didn't have any and 2. They Match my Houseshoes - and I enjoy the irony of that.

After some more walking we ended up back at our car and went to a special treat - a movie! We say "Despicable Me" and it was pretty cute and funny. We then drove back to the commun(e)ity and settled for the night. My parents left Monday morning and flew back home on Tuesday, and I hope they had as great of a trip as I did!

The next day I met one of the German's brother's and mother. They all looked alike, spoke similarly ("I'm TOTALLY confused!") and had good senses of humor. There was a dinner for one of the German girls who was leaving, and afterward we had a game night. Since there were about 14 people, I suggested 1/2 play the fun "Jungle Speed" game, and the other half play spoons. No one else knew the game, but soon our half were laughing hysterically - everyone ended up enjoying when we switched games! So that was a super-late night. Or felt like it, anyway!

On Wednesday, it marked me taking over the co-op as my workmaster started his month-long vacation, although he'll be back for a day or two next week. It seemed to go smoothly. Connie also left on her month-long vacation, so that has been a big energy shift. On Thursday I finally got to have my chiropractor appointment, which was great. I know there are things from Wednesday and Thursday...ah. Thursday I found out that the inventory that we did months ago was actually this upcoming Monday. Good thing it got recycled last week finally, huh? I did manage to get all the bills out though, and last night Bean helped me do most of it while I concentrated on ordering. Phew. Plus, I'm now done with cooking for the most part, and will be switching over to the co-op in the mornings, and hopefully the glass workshop a bit too. See how it shakes down though initially.

However, during cooking yesterday, there were some good quotes.
The older child saw me carrying a giant zucchini and proclaimed with awe:
"WOW! That's a giant bikini!!!"

Also, we had pancakes yesterday and the younger child (less than 1.5 years) ate 4 pancakes. I was good with 2...She then ate a second breakfast when Hather came back from the farm. He put some peanutbutter and jelly on it and she said (imitating her brother) "Oh my god!" - she loved it so much. Pretty much her longest phrase yet.

In other exciting news, it was my day off today. I was up around 9 and ready by 10 when Bean came to pick me up. We went to the Claverack library and then out to Love Apple farm in order to get me some food. So then we naturally had to pick 20 pounds of peaches. Of course, because we're going to make jam now. But I am really excited about it...just need a recipe!

When we got back I had a phone message from D'Artagan. He was planning on exploring Rhinebeck, only to find out that today Chelsea Clinton was getting married there. Poor timing. Everything was a mess, so we ended up going to New Paltz, where he ended up spotting Paul Sr from Orange County Choppers. Since his hometown is listed as Yonkers, NY, it could be? Anyhow, I'm going to extend my movie watching (and a day-off activity marathon!) to seeing Inception tonight. But I figured I owed a blog post first...

Hope all is well,

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