Thursday, July 1, 2010

Too Busy to Blog

Hi all,

For sanity's sake, I let it slide the past few days. Hum has been getting sicker and sicker, throwing Dather and myself together. Tuesday morning she managed to get a cake made for a neighborhood house father's birthday, and also ran the morning crew, but I think that's about it. It must be frustrating to be such a go-getter and be stuck in body (with another body...) and unable to do whatever you want. On would argue that a child is pretty good for recompense, but we all know that's debatable. : p

Really though, there are benefits to living with children. Like when they drag in the single flower that they cut and need a place for it, likewise for the wriggling worm. Pretty darn cute.

Anyhow, Tuesday morning I attached the chain I made to my piece. It took a little wrangling, but it now hangs almost absolutely straight. Not that I have anything to hang it on, but it will look nice in my window eventually. It's nice that they let me keep it, but I'm pretty sure it's not sale material...But I'll get there.

I also started on my new piece, which will feature an agate slice in the middle, and various shades of purple. One day I'll hit the warm colors...

Tuesday afternoon I brought Hum's cake and some peaches I'd cooked down in syrup to the neighbor's. The house had cafe lunch, and I'd made a delicious feast of noodles with garlic, greens and chard sauteed in butter with some parmesan cheese after I'd done the peaches. Yum.
I wasn't able to stay long, but appreciated Franklin and his friend's ridiculous vibrato...longest rendition of "Happy Birthday" ever.

I then had my first "rhythmic massage". It was less then idyllic, however, as the basement it's in is currently under construction and it's not reassuring to have dust falling through holes in the ceiling when all you're dressed in is a sheet! I'm not sure about the method either, but it definitely didn't hurt anything!

When I got home for dinner at around 5:30 - things always run late on Tuesday - nothing had been started for dinner. Dather seemed surprised at the thought that he could've started the proceedings. Sigh. It's going to take some time. I whipped up some pesto and had everything ready by 6 anyhow.

At 7:30 we had a mandatory meeting about some events that had transpired, but it was relatively painless. We had a good group discussion afterward, and I think we have a chance of getting a series of monthly (/bimonthly?) meetings out of it along with planning community events. We hope to have a karaoke night within the next 2 weeks. It could be ridiculously awesome...

I had a chat next door, due to some house drama and then went out with Julia. We were going to do a walk...but that was transformed into "Let's drive into Cupcake and get icecream!" Unfortunately, the drive was blocked off and the restaurant was closed. However, we realized that the restaurant was being filmed in - a commercial perhaps? - but since it's such a neat restaurant (think 50's diner), it could definitely be for a movie. We suppressed the (very mild...) urge to go and ask if they needed extras.

We returned and got ice cream at the co-op. Supporting the village and organic ice cream. Probably for the best...

Wednesday was interesting from the start as I'd planned out the day, only to have it broken to pieces when I found out that we'd be having a neighborhood lunch. I ended up making Mexican millet for 20 people. Long story short, I also threw together Julia's vegetable stir fry as she was cleaning up projectile vomit that also happened to hit her. It was a tad bit crazy. The lunch went fine, however, and the meeting as well. It was a gorgeous afternoon, with beautiful clouds.

Last evening I took a walk with Connie, and we've decided to make it a weeknight tradition (minus Thursdays, because of activities) for the summer. It's easier to listen to her when we're walking, I think the movement helps and she's more relaxed. She's also not disturbing me when I'm trying to concentrate on cooking or doing meds or such, which is also good.

Then I went and said goodbye to S&B friends (not Bean...who's finally back from vacation again...), and we had tea and made s'mores in the toaster oven. They're leaving by one...

I then popped over to another house around 9:30, and had good timing - they'd just began the film "The Perfume". I didn't think it could be as disturbing as the book, but I have to say that they got close. It was good to be out and around people last night, even if it was almost midnight by the time I got back. Tonight I really need to work on and finish some tomato planters, so during the activity night I'll be with Bean.

Hope all is well,

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