Sunday, July 11, 2010

"I'm Sure You're Pooped..."

Hi all,

Those were Hum's parting words to me tonight. Then we both laughed, even though it wasn't actually funny. Since I'd been up until about 3:30 last night/this morning cleaning up a poop trail running over 2 floors. So that was fun. Poor Sam had to come get me at 1:30. I think he was slightly traumatized as all he could initially spit out was: "I have a huge's so disgusting...". Honestly, it was gross, but I just felt really bad for Beau.

So while Sam cleaned him up, I started on the rest. When we finally finished cleaning up everything as best as possible, I left a note for Hum and Hather. And then slept in. So I got about 5 hours of sleep, maybe.


I did brunch (Clafouti and corn muffins) and did some calling during rest hour. We did some house stuff shopping in Great Barrington and had a nice, but rather late dinner. And then I went swimming with Julia (divine) before discussing the new villager's diet restrictions. Many and varied. He arrives tomorrow. More chaos.

Hope all is well,

PS I still love my job. Repeat.

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