Friday, July 16, 2010

Well, I'd Never Done THAT Before..

Hi all,

Today I ended up falling asleep (like I do nearly every morning and afternoon rest hour), but set my cell phone alarm to wake me up in time to send people off to work this afternoon. Uh, yeah, it was on vibrate. So I woke up at 2:50 and was extremely confused. At first I thought I was late for breakfast. Then it was a "SHIT!" moment. Luckily, everyone had gotten to work except Beau, who was happily sleeping still. Luckily, I'd already made his snack, so I just had to send him and myself off. I think I looked a bit frantic, as I was quickly assured that it was fine, and no problem that I was a half hour late. But I still felt bad.

My workmaster took yesterday afternoon off to do other things, but forgot I'm coming later now and that he should open up. I had to help do Beau's feet (a bit scary, some of those toenails!), and so I was a half hour late to let people in. I then discovered that a whole "tote" from our order hadn't come. So I tried to call the workmaster to see who I should call...So, remember that whole "Steph learned how to pay bills" on Wednesday? Well, one of the bills was the second month phone bill (as the last month got shuffled in some paper), and apparently they don't give notice. So I was only able to call the company and emergency services. Whoops. So I called, found out I didn't have a pin and talked to a lady who had to call the administration office (because I couldn't, duh...), and had a 1/2 hour runaround. And never got the order sorted out.

I had to walk to the cafe today to do it. Our phone should be up and running on Monday or Tuesday. Crossing my fingers...

So yesterday was eventful even before got home to make dinner with no bread (hello bakery...good thing they had extra!), and then attempted to go to Barryoke. We ran a bit behind, and then found out that he wasn't there! So we came home.

Hum finally got "tested" for giving meds and can do them now. So now I have a total freedom on my day off, because she also watched me help Maria through her evening routine and can do that now too. When I told her I thought maybe I should get tested for lymes because it seems I'm always exhausted - and not keeping insane hours - she said it's just because I'm doing so much, and assured me that would change. It's a nice sentiment, and I hope it's true. However, it probably won't be anytime relatively soon. With the new baby, a new co-worker and other variables in the future, it will definitely be busy.

Steph really needs a vacation!

Luckily, I'm getting one. My parents are coming next week and in August I'll be going to Germany. So that should be really great. Of course, it means lining up more stuff. One day at a time. My personal triumph today was running errands and managing to schedule a chiropractor appointment for the 26th...

Hope all is well,

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