Tuesday, July 6, 2010

No Internet = No Blogging

Hi all,

I know you have been feeling bereft of my presence, but I must blame Hather. Saturday I found the router unplugged (why???) and when I asked him about it, he said “oh, yeah”. So I asked if he might re-connect it…ok. Anyhow, I’ll probably have to mooch off of the neighbor’s internet in order to post this. However, as I’m typing in the kitchen, I will see how things go in the aftermath of cheesecake baking – workmaster’s birthday tomorrow!

Saturday I kept the house to task with cleaning – pretty easy because we only had our two most capable villagers around. We got a lot done. So that was nice, but ate up the morning. I heated up leftovers for lunch and we had a long resthour until they went to the café for goodies at 3. I then threw the hamburgers and all of our picnic stuff together. Hum still wasn’t feeling very well and had decided to stay home with the younger child. We were ready to leave at about 5:05, although the neighbor’s car wasn’t properly gassed up. We could’ve made it there and back no problem (ahh, the wonder of Prius’), but since I was going on to Albany to pick up Sam I didn’t want to take any chances. I’d already reduced chances by taking Pegasus with – a big thank you to Bean!

At the picnic, the hostess (it’s a separate but related property, and she runs a workshop in the village), came up to me and warmly greeted me: “Schmeeeeeee! It’s great to see you!”. The look on her face made her immediately realized she’d screwed that up. I had to tell her in the end. Keep in mind that I’ve interacted with her many times in the past 6 months, especially when I was almost sent to her workshop! It got better as the evening went on, as a villager also mistook me for her. In all fairness, he asked about her houseparents and didn’t know either of our names when we stood side-by-side.

The gathering was good fun. Hather did our grilling and there was music, lots of conversation and I even (with another girl) dared to join the pick-up game of soccer. And I scored. Good for my ego. Anyhow, the fireworks were lack-luster as the “Great view” we’d been promised turned out to not be. The tree-line obscured all but the highest fireworks, and even those partially. Luckily, I don’t think anyone had set extremely high standards.

Afterward, I used Pegasus to plot the course, but then got caught in small-town-post-firework-traffic. So I was 10 minutes late picking up Sam. I’d gotten a frantic message from him when my phone was off – as if I’d forget! He was full of chatter and anecdotes, and I’m glad he had a good time – including meeting my next-younger brother. Apparently they’d hit it off as well as I’d predicted. Good deal.

I had Sunday off, which was nice as we didn’t get home until 12:30. I was up at 9, as Bean planned on collecting me at 9:30. She got held up while delivering papers (sometimes “help” is not really all that helpful…), and made it around 10. She’d also forgotten that I’d moved my room, so I got a confused text. We went out to Golden Harvest to pick berries, although only ended up touring the distillery there, as they only have pick-your-own apples in fall and just sell other produce. So we wound up at Love Apple Farm, where we both picked a pound of black raspberries. Yum.

We made it back to Schmee’s house in time to have brunch with them (and freeze most of our berries) and picked up Pix. We went to the Saugerties Lighthouse, which due to the 4th of July, was actually closed. Bean had researched some local highlights the night before, because I was busy with picking up Sam, and so we moved on to the next one.

We wound up at “Wing’s Castle”. It’s pretty hard to describe, so check out the link. The bottom line is that 40+ years ago some non-conformist (OCD) guy and his wife dug a big pit in his father’s picturesque field with a borrowed bulldozer and then spent the following years scavenging treasures and building supplies from wrecking companies in the Hudson Valley area. Very interesting, but very imperson-able. I believe his wife usually runs the tour. But, they were open and willing to do ($10…!) tours on the 4th

Then we found some ice cream for me.

We went back to Hudson and dropped Pix off. We went out to dinner at Baba Louie’s – whose lunch menu is much better than dinner… - and went back to the village. We watched most of a comedy show and then called it a night.

Talk about a full day!

Today I because a Twilight vampire again – I was grinding down pieces for my next piece. I managed not to butcher any of the pieces. Nope, I lied…just 1 this time…I’m improving. Anyhow, I’m trying to learn what amount of space between pieces is ideal. Not that I can always make it happen. One piece is a bit too small. Luckily I have a tendency to cut big as a rule.

I went to the café for lunch and finally had a really good meal. Well, I ate everything anyway. Since I’m also making pesto pasta for the neighborhood lunch tomorrow, it wasn’t quite perfect…

I had my massage at 2 and got to work around 2:50. It was SUPER hot today. About 95. Yuck. Luckily the co-op stays pretty cool. We had a rather productive day and got a lot of things bagged. Sam did dinner and so I got to relax after work a little bit. After my walk with Connie, I went to a Young Co-worker’s meeting. It was a much smaller group as many couldn’t get away, but still had some great discussions. We will be hopefully having a dinner Friday night…

Anyhow, my cheesecake is done…hopefully this will post!

Hope all is well,


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