Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mostly Not a Day Off

Hi all,

But of my own choosing. I slept in (amazing!). It was wonderful to wake up to the sound of pouring rain...although it's still really hot now! I was finally able to leave with Connie at about 12:30. I decided we should have a good time together in order to make her feel loved (which is hard to remember during all this stress!) and supported and to keep the house as pulled together as possible. So we went to the library, out for lunch (my treat), and then on a crazy hunt for a yarn store. But we got there and home with only one short turn-around. So, a successful venture. And some good bonding time.

We had about 1.5 hours before the house left to go out with our closest neighbors. We went to Baba Louie's (urg, another eat-out...need to do some more walking!) and then bowing. Beau really loved it, and had his own granny-technique, but carefully didn't go over the line. Unlike my previous experience of bowling with Germans (maybe only Bavarians are bad at it???), Sam whomped us all - the only one out of 11 to break 100 - although Julia was at 99. Oh, and we were using bumpers... : p

When we got back, it was late. And everyone is gone saying goodbye to Dusty and another co-worker. I hate goodbye parties at this point, and also the bar they're at. This, with everyone already being gone and no car available = Steph is not going out tonight. Just popping a movie in for a bit until I fall asleep.

Hope all is well,

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