Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Survival Mode

Hi all,

It was a bit of long day, but I made it through! Due to the fact that our new co-worker won't arrive until August 20th, (Sam's replacement) a mere 10 days or so until Sam leaves, it was decided that we would temporarily get another co-worker to come in and learn how to cook. So, we got Okiwa. Okiwa has been here a mere 3 weeks, but is older than a typical co-worker (late twenties) and seems very nice. Her English is better than she thinks it is.

I thoroughly enjoyed the irony of "teaching" her how to cook the tofu recipe I use. There was another older co-worker who visits during the summer (her "vacation" from the village she comes from!) who was going to help her out - apparently they missed the notice that I would still be here until she felt comfortable. We discussed the tofu a little, and she expressed her surprise in finding it in America. Considering the fact that I'd never cooked tofu until just months ago, who exactly is teaching who?

So cooking will not be a problem for her. We worked together and I tried to give her space, I think she was the most anxious about me possibly getting upset with her. Not going to happen! Anyhow, I think the toughest thing is just learning how to run the work crew smoothly and going with the weekly rhythm. So hopefully within 3-4 weeks I can transition over to the co-op. This was good news for my workmaster, and helped to let me ask if I can have tomorrow to take a group from my house to a waterpark with a neighboring community.

We got our newest villager today. I don't have a nickname for him yet. However, he seems very nice, and Hum and Hather know him from living with him before . So that's great. He, Maria, Connie and I will go tomorrow. Connie has been in a real snit lately and terrorizing Maria, who has been working in the mornings with her because her house is gone. The concept of the golden rule of doing unto others is something we're slowly trying to pound into her...

"You have to stop being so mean to Maria"
"Why do you say I was mean? I wasn't mean..."
"You told her to shut up and made her cry. Is making someone cry nice?"
"Uh. No..."
"Is it mean?"
"Ok then."

And so on and so forth.

So, the theme of our work is "Soul Growth" and social niceties. Also including that lying in wait for someone outside of a bathroom door for 5-10 minutes is not appropriate. And that knocking is imperative before entering someone's room. And the whole sacredness of Steph's resthour thing too. That's a bonus one.

Anyhow, tired tired tired (detecting a theme here?)

Hope all is well,

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