Monday, June 28, 2010

Today I Did it All

Hi all,

Really. I'm not even joking. I'm 100% serious. I got up and did Breakfast/wakeups. I did the morning send-off. I cooked while finding jobs for the 3.5 year old to "help with" (this made vacuuming a much longer ordeal), but lunch was made and on time for the guests we had. And the one that didn't show up. Then I did the afternoon send off and went to work. Then I went to the neighbor's and gave meds, then came home and gave meds. No one had started to get dinner together at this point (5:35) so I did that too. Then I went and housesat down at the neighbor's. (Although, I had help/didn't have to do dinner or lunch maybe not quite everything...). Oh, and I have a cake to make tonight. (That's my own fault.)

Hum was feeling pretty bad today, a summer cold that's been lingering on with the children has hit her. Plus it was muggy and awful here today, kept waiting for the rain that never came. So really, a very long day that's not over yet, and I'm already ready to crawl into bed. But I just got some ice cream - funny how that can lift your spirits...

There were some good positives for the day. Lunch was delicious (although a bit too salty for my tastes, and the carrots got a little smooshy from all the greens in the stir fry), and I got the chain finished for my stained glass piece. I may even take a picture of it tomorrow. Not that I will manage to post it probably, but, y'know...

Anyhow, I bushed and hoping that the housefather comes back relatively soon - it's his birthday cake, after all!

Hope all is well,

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