Thursday, June 24, 2010

When One Door Closes, the Windows Get Opened...and Cleaned...

Hi all,

It was miserably hot and sticky today. I got up late because there was no work for St. John's day (apparently missing a rather cultish-looking gathering in the morning...), and after breakfast I did a co-op run. When I got back I baked brownies for the neighborhood BBQ and started cleaning the windows in the kitchen.

I know that when people move in they want to make their new house into a home for themselves. I also know that being extremely pregnant is not a great amount of fun and that you're limited in what you can do. So I'm trying not to feel resentful about Hum's (/Steph we=you need to do this...) house-cleaning operative. It's fine that she wants to go through every single drawer and pull out stuff we won't need. Heck, it's even ok to clean out the spice cabinet to get rid of the old ones. However, to re-order it according to a vague scheme not related to how I cook - I did speak up - was a little touchy. Because this is still my home too.

I know that she's not trying to replace housemom and is trying to feel out the house. I think she'll really try to see how things are before implementing any huge changes. And some will be for the better, when they come. But it's just stressful during this time to deal with this sudden change and looking ahead to the upcoming ones. We will get through it, we'll find a balance. And I'll try not to complain too much. I hope.

Anyhow, so I cleaned all the windows in the kitchen. Since most of them have double layers, that works out to 4 surface areas per window, plus screens. The equivalent of about 8-10 windows. I also tried not to take it personally when the 3.5 year old then decided to spray them with the hose. Sometimes... Afterward I made the hamburger patties and got the picnic things together. And then I took a much needed shower.

During this afternoon time period I missed another event - a guest speaker in the hall. The best part came when my favorite dinner guest, Wendy (think Bahummus...), got up in her walker and decided to exit the room by walking across the front of the audience. The speaker asked where she was going "To get a drink of water!" she exclaimed...
"Oh, I have some water right here, would you like some?"
"NO! You're boring!"

Well, she tried to be really he got what he had coming.

Apparently he laughed - what other choice did he have? - and wrapped his talk within 5 minutes after that point.

Back to me. : p

We got down to the neighbor's at 5:30 and had all sat down while some of the guys worked on the grilling. And then the clouds rolled in again...and another downpour happened. Luckily we got everyone and the food inside in time. Also, most of the houses were down a few people so everyone fit in a cozy manner. The food was good and the brownies were a hit...although they were too spongy and not fudgy enough in my mind.

Afterward we cleaned up and I went to the musical gathering. It was nice, although songsheets would have been very helpful. I ended up next to Sunny, who I haven't seen very often since she no longer comes to meals. Sunny gave me lots of hugs and kept announcing to everyone that I was her housemother. And that Sam was the housefather. Hoping to rupture her logic from within, I told her that we simply weren't married.

"I don't know..."

Was her response.

It's pretty much a lost cause.

I don't know why she's latched onto this fantasy, but I'm stuck with it for a while. When Sam leaves, she'll no doubt saddle me with his replacement as a housefather. Lucky guy.

Anyhow, I'm tired and it's back to "normal" work tomorrow.

Hope all is well,

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