Saturday, June 19, 2010

Oh. By the Way, I'm Going Too...

Hi all,

I managed (without actually meaning to) to get myself included in the group helping housemom and the kids to move. She'd tried to line up a few young guys to come, but the second spot kept falling through. Now, she'd never asked me (not a good idea with my back as is, currently), and so when I said "Well, you never even asked me..." she actually realized she hadn't and then considered it. So, though I won't be a help with heavy lifting, I can help with doing meals and moving boxes and getting things organized. Plus, the new family had arranged to have meals out and every villager from the house is on vacation, so I'm not needed there. My workmaster was great, and said I could go, and the neighbors endorsed the idea. So, I'm pretty much set!

Let's see now...Thursday. I went to the workshop and worked on the chain for my piece, it's coming along well. I left halfway through the morning to go to a meeting I'd been asked to attend (for input), and it was interesting to see how an official committee meets. I'm not sure I had much to contribute, but it's helpful for knowing what's going on behind the scenes, so to speak. Sam stayed home to cook, and it was pretty funny. I came in and gave him my favorite line (that he's used before, after a long morning in the garden..): "So, what'd you do today?? Cook? That's it?" It was fun to give him a little crap, and I think it was a good experience for him too.

I went out with housemom for karaoke, who has evolved her viewpoint on it. As a singer/performer, she used to feel that it was for people who can't sing, and are delusional about their talent level. Now she sees how fun it can be, and possibly therapeutic. However, we were the only ones from the village who went, but we still had a nice time. She brought down the house with a song, after a long line of people who really couldn't sing. A fun evening.

Friday morning Sam had asked if he could go watch the soccer game showing at one of the houses (who apparently have a TV...). Staunch supporter that he is, when I asked who was playing he replied: "...Something that starts with a 'P' I think...?"

So, practically Serbia, right?

At least, since he was in it for the social aspect he wasn't completely crushed when they lost. Just a little national ego bruised.

I was busy Friday morning running errands in and out of the village and then cooking the spaghetti lunch. The new house family (well, half of it "Hum" (new house "mum") and her oldest) had lunch with us, along with Julia from next door. It was very nice, and chaotic with the children.

The co-op time was mostly comprised of making the order list and starting to input it. Plus some stocking up and putting the new produce in. We had an extra helper, a co-worker from last year who is here on vacation who chose to come and help out. Made a nifty little sign for the free coffee samples. I asked if he'd come back next week in the afternoons, since I'd be gone. I think he will, so that'll be great.

I popped in some pizzas for dinner when I got home (the food processing group makes them here), but Beau left on vacation and Connie was invited out. Housemom and the kids were out late, so Sam and I were left with a pizza. We jazzed it up to make it a turkey hawaiian one, and it was delicious. Well, pretty good - and a nice change from "Bread and Spreads". Although I'm not sure I can honestly say that I've been missing soup!

I'd organized a big group planning to go out Saturday (tonight) night, and so I went door-to-door taking menu choices for pre-ordering. We ended up having 24 people I think, with most people pre-ordered. Crazy. Afterward (about 8:30), I made cake for housemom's informal farewell today - which no one came to because of bad timing - and then made meatballs.

I was on this morning until noon, so I did breakfast for Connie - who was quite anxious until she got picked up at 10:45. Then I did some errands and clean up for housemom. I had 2 whole minutes of being home alone today, until Sam came back at 12:30 to be on. I got to shower and relax a bit, and then tried to help pack up. Housemom was flitting from thing to thing, and being unusually decisive. I need a list, and when she finally gave me a project go ahead, I ran with it. We stopped around 4 to have some cake and I showed her the pictures I'll be burning for her from my computer. Some of them were really cute of the kids. She was pleased.

She also liked her going-away present from the house: we'd gone with a handmade broom. She'd mentioned one in the past, and she's leaving her broom at the house, so it made sense. Then it was time to pick up Bean's house for the restaurant...except one of her people was out wandering. We eventually found him, but were 15 minutes late. It worked out fine, and we had a great (though slightly chaotic) time. And of course the food was delicious.

And now, Steph needs sleep for tomorrow. Major packing starts at 9.

Hope all is well,

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