Wednesday, June 9, 2010

MIA: Steph has had no Naps.

Hi all,

Well, it's been a crazy-busy few past days. So busy that I haven't had a single rest hour this week yet. Between meetings, appointments and getting things done, it just hasn't been a part of my life. Which, of course, is why I'm going to bed so early tonight instead of blogging now.


Monday morning I was in a weird place where I had to rush around and got confused and went to the garden market. Even though that's technically on Tuesday. But, I found eggplant, so it ended up in my signature toasted sesame marinade tofu recipe. It was highly chaotic, as Franklin is not here for the next month, and so I'm picking up all the loose ends that he usually does. So, laundry, dishes and various errands. I also got to go to the doctor's office, where I played another round of "stump the doctor" with my mystery allergic reaction rash. Luckily, much milder this time. So, injections every day this week. On the positive side, it's definitely clearing up much faster, so that's great. I also creeped housemom out with my roasted/dissected eggplant, which does look a little disturbs as it mushes apart after being roasted...

My co-op work master came for lunch, and it was just him, Sam, Beau and myself. So a cozy little setting. Our lunch ran extra-long, and the meal was definitely a hit. Having leftover vanilla/lemon curd cake didn't hurt either.

Monday afternoon it was strange to be in the co-op, but easily fell into the daily pattern. There was a farewell dinner for the male co-worker next door, and it was a very touching scene. It's the first house goodbye party that I've been to (other than from when our co-worker left, but that wasn't typical), and it was great to hear stories from the past 2 years and hear how far he'd come - especially in cooking. Very poignant.

Tuesday morning was a complete zoo, with me scrabbling to get money for Connie situated before breakfast and then dropping the car for servicing after breakfast. I had a great morning in the stain glass workshop, and my project is definitely coming along. The male workmaster is a lot like my metal's instructor that I had, sarcastic and a little on the gruff side. His wife, also a workmaster in the shop, often tells him how horrible he's being, and there's a lot of laughter.

I took Connie out for a much-needed haircut (the hairdresser came highly-recommended, did a great job, but was incredibly thorough...we were late for work...), and even got one myself. Then she treated me to lunch, since we'd missed it. I almost got crap for that, although I did call housemom and asked her to pass on to the other house that I'd be late back with their car...and she didn't. She then got a mini-lecture instead of me. It was quiet hours though...

The co-op was busy with the order and for most of the afternoon it was only me and the workmaster. Quiet. I also went with Beau (who'd had a hard time with Sam at the doctor's for his physical earlier in the day and smacked him again, funny, but not so nice if it was me...) to get his toenails done. I'd never gone before, and Beau definitely didn't like it, and barely let him touch his feet. He let me do a little, and the foot guy proclaimed it was a better-than-average session. His toenails were in pretty rough shape, and housemom shuddered when she recounted having to help him. I guess I'm just not as squeamish.

Tuesday night I ended up helping out the neighbors by dropping off their car to be serviced and had a great chat with the housedad. He has a great sense of humor and gave me a slight drilling on my life's ambition. Afterward, he dropped me at Bean's neighborhood for S&B. We had a large crowd, and I got two of the tomato planters done...only 23 more to go...urg. I'm also not sure if they'll hold together for longer than a season (unwilling to contemplate them not even lasting that long...), but I think it'll look impressive when they're all up.

So it was another late night and I was too drained to even turn on my computer.

This morning I had to be at the Works Group Meeting by 8:15 = yet another napless time for Steph. I will be taking over the co-op (with another co-worker) however, starting late summer/early fall. The workmaster is still going to be in the village, but will be transitioning into running more of his house. The works group will make sure that my houses' next new male co-worker will be willing/able to work in the house in the mornings, and come in August sometime. The new housemom (who I will find a different name for, to help distinguish...) was a bit freaked out about this I think, but I'll have time to help train the new person in. Likewise, my current workmaster will get me trained in for the more technical details (including ordering and billing...oh boy) and be around as a reference.

So, Steph is kinda committed in a major way here. Yup.

I made an eggplant parmesan on top of a "italian millet" (ie, mexican millet with different spices) baked dish, which was pretty tasty for lunch. The best part was probably the roasted eggplant, but it went really well with the millet. Starting next week, we'll have a neighborhood lunch on Wednesdays, so I guess I'll be bringing millet there?

Anyhow, I spent the rest hour at a neighborhood meeting, which was pretty funny at time. The new houseparents came, and housemom stayed home with the kids. But, I really could've used the nap. This afternoon we went to the "Omega Center" and it was pouring all day, so it wasn't as nice to explore. The dinner was interesting, it consisted of 95% raw food, and wasn't so great. But interesting.

Bean came over tonight and I made brownies when I got back. I got another planter done and she finished up a knitted gauntlet while we watched Firefly. Anyhow, I really have go to bed. It's almost midnight. I have a full day tomorrow with a dentist visit with Beau and Karaoke with Sam and Housemom tomorrow!!! YAY

Hope all is well,

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