Saturday, June 26, 2010

The: 'Oh Crap it's Almost Midnight' Post

Hi all,

Today I spent a lot of the morning cleaning with Hum. We were working on separate projects (more window washing and general tidying up for me, then some vacuuming) and it seemed to go well. It does look nice with everything clean, and she was working a full hour or two before I got up this morning. Good that she's also committed to clean, I guess.

Afterward I got a quick shower before we went into Great Barrington for lunch and to go to the kitchen store. Well, I ended up sitting with the 3.5 year old in the cafe while Hum went to the store waiting for him to finish his lunch. I didn't mind too much because it was nice to sit and he's pretty good-natured.

In the afternoon I went to the Co-op for about 3.5 hours to finish up unpacking some orders and to start the order list, which I finished. Although I didn't get the order put into the computer yet. I might tomorrow. It was actually very relaxing, except when a group of staffkids and their friends came in and left a bottle of vodka on the counter. It turned out to be a bottle with water in it, so that was good. Otherwise it would've been a hassle.

Anyhow, I have most of tomorrow off - at least until Franklin comes home in the evening. I plan to do some arty stuff (need to make a design for my next glass project attempt and a chain for my first project...still!), and work on the long-neglected necklaces and of course, more tomato planters.

And I missed midnight.

The highlight of the day was when I was driving D'Artagan to the trainstation and right outside of Cupcake we saw a bunch of hot air balloons. D'Artagan joked that the whole town of Cupcake was evacuating...I would love to go up in one...

Hope all is well,

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