Sunday, June 6, 2010

As Normal as Possible

Hi all,

Today (after a non-successful attempt at sleeping in...evil middle child decided to scream just to make noise...could hear housemom chewing her out to stop...), I woke up pretty early. I know that middle child is probably just acting out because school is almost out and they're moving soon, but it still made me a little cranky. However, it has to be worse for housemom, so I just got a bowl of cereal as quickly as possible.

Flo came over around 10ish and after I got ready we drove to Stockbridge. After lunch we made it to the Norman Rockwell museum. He had a great sense of humor, and I thoroughly enjoyed the museum, although it was a bit steep - $10 with a student ID. Plus the security guards were hardcore, god forbid you breathe on a painting...At one point we were looking at celebrities that he embedded in a painting, and the guard freaked out because Flo's toes were on the tile close to the wall (there were carpets around the room, with a 1.5 foot boarder of tile), and I had my fingers about 4-6 inches from the painting, pointing out the various people. Made me realize how extremely old Sean Connery is...Yikes.

Anyhow, we still had a good time and got ice cream afterward. Although neither of us were feeling so great this afternoon, and I'm pretty sure it's because the place we had lunch at put MSG in the their food. I think after the juicing and all this organic food that my tolerance is gone. So I passed out for 2 hours this afternoon (though I woke up convinced it was at least 3 hours...misreading military time...), and felt crappy for another 2 hours. At least I'm well rested now?

Anyhow, I made some calls tonight to reconnect with people (isolated...hard to forget I live in a bubble sometimes...). I also tried my lemon curd and vanilla cake, it was pretty good, although nothing unbelievably so.

Hope all is well,

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