Sunday, June 20, 2010

All Packed Up, Except for Me

Hi all,

We got the ball rolling at about 9:45, and packed until 11:45 when I stopped to heat up lunch. I'd helped with carrying boxes that weren't too heavy - as my back immediately gave me a warning the first time I tried to heft something a bit too heavy. I've also decided that I should definitely find a massage therapist/chiropractor or masseuse to date. My back would love me. However, we had 3 strong backs and a few others that helped (although help was scarce...definitely would've been easier to find people during the week...). We were all packed up within 2 hours after lunch. Phew.

Well, minus the mattresses and some bedding and clothing that they need.

And, the backpack that will most likely stuff together tomorrow morning at 8. The targeted time to leave is 10, and we'll see how it goes. I'll be riding in the minivan, and it could be a long 6 hours with the kids - although between snacks and travel entertainment they should be pretty set. I'll bring along some metal working, as the tomato planters are just too messy. It should be fine.

I helped Julia make her "Green" dinner for the baseball game tonight. The garden is chock-full of green stuff (lettuce, various asian greens, spinach, etc), and the garden crew came up with the idea to have everyone bring a green entree and a salad for a salad-eating contest at the baseball game tonight. Obviously, they're really just checking up on our first aid training, because how great of an idea does speed-eating salad actually sound?!?

Then Julia and I did a dip in the swim pond, which was pretty lovely. If only it wasn't so murky at the bottom. Better than nothing, and a good temperature. I still had to go home and shower though, because it was hot and sticky (except for the last hour of packing, where it downpoured...). We went out to dinner in town because we didn't have the time, energy, nor motivation to make dinner. It was a bit of a circus with the children, but still nice. We got back in time for the ball game, which was smaller than average. I think the green meal scared people away, and lots of people are on vacation.

I borrowed Bean's house's vacuum since it's much newer, and once I removed a bit wood block from the head it worked great. But I didn't manage to vacuum up any basil plants.

: )

Anyhow, it was very sweet. The nearest houseparents brought over ice cream and we (housemom, her eldest and them and their teenage daughter and later son) had a little party. Sam was out being social, so he missed it. It was very nice. I'll miss the energy that the housemoms create.

On that slightly sad note...

Hope all is well,

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