Friday, June 25, 2010


Hi all,

Today was my first official work day with Hum. It proceeded much like yesterday. We did some laundry (and I rescued one of Sam's curtains from a different room...weird...) and then we took apart the entire pantry. I will admit that it looks much better organized, and we had a good laugh when I asked: "Can we organize it by...grain of the day?". She thought I was going to say alphabetically. Lol. It looks a lot emptier now, which is probably a good thing. We didn't quite have enough time to get it put back together before lunch, but Hum managed in the afternoon.

Hum asked if we would mind eating out at other houses today, and so I pretty much just invited myself over to the house where Schmee is staying temporarily. She and another house combined because of so many people missing, and so I enjoyed her peanut-sauce tofu stir fry today. It was delicious. I then got a quick nap in before afternoon work.

My workmaster had been the only one in during the afternoon on Mon-Wed, and between that and no work on Thursday he was unable to get most of the order unpacked. So we did most of it. We got a very unpleasant shock though when someone notified us that things were apparently thawing out in our walk-in freezer. Apparently when the repairmen were working on the door yesterday, they did something. The heating coil is working...but the whole refreezing part of the cycle is not. Whoops.

So we had to set about immediately - it was almost 5 and unlikely that a repair team would come - and certainly not in time to prevent everything from thawing out. We fit as much stuff as possible into the smaller storage cooler and then rallied a team. We had about 5 people helping, one brought a van and we loaded it up and took it all to the bakery freezer. So I was only about 1/2 hour late coming home. A slight adventure that would've been better off not having, but definitely not the end of the world.

Anyhow, tomorrow will be filled with more cleaning - although we may soon come to the end of it. I have to report in by 9:30 to start, and so sleeping in will be nice. Sam left on a week vacation tonight, and so now things are feeling very empty and strange here.

On that cheerful note,

Hope all is well,

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