Friday, June 4, 2010

Karaoke Strikes Again

Hi all,

By now, you'd think Karaoke would be hardly worth mentioning, right? I have to say though, every time I go up my hands shake a little less and less. I did the right "Breathe 2 A.M." with Julia (co-worker next door) again and mixed it up with "Don't You Want Me Baby" - which Flo was fantastic in. Plus there were several people present would could acutllay really sing - which is always great, unless you go immediately after them. I did not. We were going to leave at 10:30, but didn't end up leaving until 11:30. But let's rewind...

Thursday morning I looked over my medicine giver's notes quickly and then conked out and dreamed about seizures. Pleasant. I got a few wrong on the test, but still passed with flying colors. With all the hype surrounding the test, I was surprised at how easy it was - although I can definitely see how it would be much more difficult for a non-native English speaker. And then I got a nap. : )
The afternoon was a short one-hour crash course in anthroposophical meds. It lasted a confusing hours and then was done. So then Schmee and I ran to the nearest grocery store and I got some pictures printed off for Maria from the zoo. I made it back in time to get everything set up for dinner, and made some especially potent pesto. Then I worked on another hanging tomato planter, which looks like this:

(They're looking better as I'm making more, this one is too long...)

Then we had karaoke. Housemom said she'll come next week (and she can sing, although I don't know if we can convince her to sing), and so hopefully that'll work out!

Today was pretty much a blur. I didn't have even Franklin this morning, there was a special meeting about a relationships course that will be happening. So I did the veggie/meat market run, made yogurt, started laundry, dropped off the milk pail, did a huge co-op run, vacuumed, emptied the dishwasher, set the table, made salad dressing, made a salad (wash greens, roast/chop walnuts, add craisins), thaw and reheat meat sauce, cook noodles, prepare meds, helped the substitute neighbor cook, grated cheese while keeping the youngest with me and amused, prepped cheese quesadillas, washed up all the dishes. All by 12:20.

The afternoon went by pretty quickly as well. With only one villager in the co-op (and she was in a very slow mood), I managed to get the Friday order list done and some restocking. A second one came in to give her family members a tour, although I ended up closing early to help out at the house for the picnic. Got the quesadillas fried just in time. The softball game was as fun as ever (and Beau had a wonderful time - he's a real crowd-pleaser!), although the Germans are still really struggling with the rules. (Have to explain that lapping people just isn't allowed...but they're so earnest that it's great.). I jokingly suggested a session during orientation that covered the rules...

And so, now I have a cake that needs a orange ganache and chocolate buttercream frosting...and I have a walk to the co-op to accomplish first. It's going to be a loooooooooong day tomorrow...

Hope all is well,

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