Sunday, June 13, 2010

Of Course It Needs To Rain On My Day Off.

Hi all,

I just hope this weather stops soon. I still need two coats of paint on the bottom of my planter, plus my tomato plants are starting to look slightly unhappy. But they're hanging in there (ha ha ha). Anyhow, I managed to sleep in this morning but still ate breakfast with the house around 9:30. I got my room tidied, and managed a load of laundry. I walked around the neighborhood, hoping to find a co-worker who also had the whole day off. No dice. So went off to Great Barrington on my lonesome.

I'm becoming quite the social-seeker recently.

I think it's because I'm dreading the fact that everyone will be leaving. If I must have an excuse, that's it.

Anyhow, I did a Kmart run for house stuff and then ended up going to a restaurant called "Naji". I'd initially spotted the coffee shop behind it, but the menu was hung up enticingly, and they had a roasted eggplant panini. I walked in, and was promptly handed a chunk of freshly baked baguette. I soon learned that the smiling man who handed it to me was the owner/operator/chef Naji himself. And I must say, he makes quite the dish. They're having a special for the rest of the month, so I've already started to organize group to go back to the restaurant next Saturday. Very excited.

I then popped over to the cafe, mainly for a place to read the newest Charlaine Harris Sookie Stackhouse novel. Literary crack cocaine at its finest. Need I say I already finished it tonight? Anyhow, the smoothie I had was also quite good.

Oh, I've also officially become my father. Now that I'm on about 5 supplements plus allergy medicine, I'm overwhelmed and caved: I now have a pill organizer. I'm also pretty sure that no 22 year old should have one. At least mine is kind of cool looking.


Because you totally believed that for a second.

Anyhow, I'm off to sew some more tomato planters, in the hope it'll be warm enough to inspire me to transplant some more tomorrow.

Hope all is well,

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