Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Staying Healthy is Hard Work

Hi all,

Yesterday evening I was out with Flo printing pictures, and then hanging out with Bean working on (surprise...) more tomato planters. It was almost midnight by the time I went home, and so bed won out over blog.

Yesterday morning I made a baked spanish rice dish = lots of garlicky goodness. It was a busy morning and pretty much passed in a blur. During the rest hour I had to do the town run, and ended up once again at the car repair shop, dropping off some other co-workers to pick up their serviced cars. It was pretty uneventful, save for the fact that while driving Pixs around to find a cafe key we got stuck in front of the cows. Pretty sure the car didn't get any new dings, but not for lack of trying on one cow's part. As it moseyed past it really didn't mind where it brushed up against.

The co-op was pretty standard, although the butter we ended up cutting turned out to be the type we already had chunked, so we had to freeze it. And that was pretty much the excitement for the afternoon.


I'm not going to share details of the last half an hour, but it wasn't nice. So, quick recap before I crash into bed hoping that sleep will help heal all. I went to the glass workshop and am almost done with my piece. It's ok looking. I went to Bean's house for lunch and she cooked some delicious stuffed green peppers. And I met her grandparents. I didn't get to work as I had another chiropractic appointment with housemom and the kids, and so didn't get back in time. I was feeling unwell for most of the afternoon and ended up sitting dinner out. I was supposed to go to craft night (and bring the s'mores cake..mmm) for Flo's going away surprise gathering. Hopefully he shows up. I ended up just passing the cake on to Bean and making my apologies. Just in time.

So, g'night and I hope all is well (and healthy!)

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