Sunday, June 27, 2010

I May Have Slept in Until 11 Today...

Hi all,

After a week of breaking my sleep habits, I finally really did it. I managed to sleep past 7, 8 and even 9 (to say nothing of 10). It was slightly glorious, and I enjoyed basking in it. However, Franklin came home very early (supposed to be around dinnertime), and was somehow under impression that he was moving to a different house. Well, his dad seemed to think that housemom had told him that. So Hum got to sort that all out.

After a quick peach I spontaneously called Schmee and ended up going to her house - just in time for lunch. Nice, right? After a short rest hour I followed them out to the "Omi Sculpture Fields" - which features huge works of modern art. However, at 90 degrees with about 90 percent humidity in overgrown fields, this wasn't much fun. So we stuck it out for about 35 minutes. An interesting sidetrip, but I was glad we hadn't drove more than 15 minutes for it...and that it was free!

And yes I have a few pictures, but no, I have not uploaded them yet. And Sam didn't give me the lobster pictures before he left. So we are all bereft together.

I made it back in time to put dinner together, and whip up some chocolate avocado mousse for dessert. Franklin went out for a movie night at another house, so I've mostly been bumming around. And calling my parents.

Hope all is well,

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