Saturday, June 5, 2010


Hi all,

Why, yes, that is the amazingly tasty-looking orange-chocolate cake that I made last night at 11. It included one trip to the neighbor's and then to the co-op for cocoa and chocolate. It was a triple-layer chocolate cake with a bottom and top layer glaze of orange dark chocolate ganache with orange marmalade in the middle layer, surrounded by a chocolate buttercream frosting. Of course, it had zero calories. Well, the cake was a bit better, as I substituted yogurt for the oil, since I was out of applesauce. I do a 1:1 conversion ratio. Honestly, with something so rich, I can't even tell if I'm missing anything!

It was a hit at the cafe, and I luckily got to try it before it was gone. I think the pretty orange twists (waaaaaaaay too much work...I taped thinly vegetable-peeled slices of peel to chopsticks for a half hour!) helped. But ahead of myself here.

Maria's mother arrived before breakfast, and things were a little chaotic. We decided to commence with Saturday morning cleaning as usual, so after I did the orange twists and got Maria ready I: cleaned the upstairs bathroom, cleaned out the back fridge, did a garden run with Beau and something else that I've already forgotten. Oh, then I helped make an enormous salad, pickled some radishes and helped lay out the lunch meats and cheeses that Connie's and Franklin's family brought. Beau's brother came and I really enjoyed him.

It's stressful being with so many of the people's families. I mean, they obviously put a lot of blind trust in us (especially the short-term co-workers!) and I know they have their child's/sibling's best interest at heart, but it can still be incredibly intimidating. A bit like being under a microscope. Even normal interactions can seem a little forced, and the last thing I would want anyone to believe is that I'm faking the relationship I have with them. However, we got a lot of compliments which was really nice, and I'm sure I'll be keeping in closer touch with them, as housemom is leaving. That's kind of a lot of responsibility.

Lunch was a great success, and was completely scrumptious. Afterward we barely had time to clean up. Beau's brother helped me label some old pictures I found in his room and we put them into his photo album. Since he's gotten some cowboy books and the photo album, he hasn't been tearing up Franklin's (or the house's) books. Because there's only so much of a discussion you can have with someone who's essentially non-verbal. Although it's always surprising at how much you can gleam through expressions and demeanor. Because of that, we were late to the ribbon-cutting for the new cafe/library, but still got there in time for cake. Sam was very helpful and brought the one I made for me. After cake I headed up to help housemom get some things down from the attic before going back to take a shift in the cafe. It was pretty much over by then, so we mostly just cleaned up.

Afterward, Maria and Franklin were both gone and Connie went out to dinner with her family. So Sam and I took Beau to Bash Bish Falls (it was SUPER hot and muggy today, I felt like all I did was melt, one drip at a time...) for a little hike down to the river/swim hole (which was occupied) and had a light picnic dinner. It was nice. It was also nice to miss the deer that jumped out right in front of me just a mere 1/2 mile out of the village...yikes.

Anyhow, it will take some adjusting with Franklin and Maria gone - we lost our main laundry person and mail runner. So I spent part of tonight folding and doing some laundry, and of course - baking a cake for tomorrow. I made a vanilla cake and some lemon curd, and housemom will top it with whipped cream and maybe coconut tomorrow. I plan on going to a museum with Flo tomorrow, and hopefully doing some more tomato planters and a sketch for my next stain glass learning project (something with curved lines, and hopefully not completely abstract).

Hope all is well,

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