Saturday, October 3, 2009

Another Saturday

Hi all,
I always feel a little lost on the weekends. The boys are allowed to play Playstation, and so for the several hours throughout the day I'm left to my own devices. Sometimes I'm tempted to go down to my room to do some work on the chain maille, but I want to be able to hear when the occasional squabble breaks out. Likewise, the rents like to spend quality time with the boys, so try not to hover. I mostly end up doing some reading but sometimes feel like I should feel guilty for not doing something. At the same time, the days can get awfully long after my 30th game of UNO.

G is getting ready for a big test on some English tenses and so I'm supposed to have him asking me questions in order to prepare for it. Anybody know how hard it is to get an (almost) 12 year old boy who's not particularly social - except with a limited friend group, where he is popular... - to talk? So far we've had some sports conversations, but let's be honest here about my knowlege in that area...
So, it's going to take some brainstorming!

Hope all is well,

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