Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rock, Paper, Scissors - Turkey Style!

Hi all,
K decided he would teach me a new game today, only to be delighted to find out I already knew what it was! So, other than a dozen rounds of UNO (which ended badly...he had 2 mini-tantrums so I said no more for the day), we also played some rousing rounds of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Tekila is certainly a funny dog. She reminds me of a mixture of the dogs that my family has had. She has Rio's foot-fetish, Poochie's craving for attention (they're both Golden Retrievers) and Charlie's steady personality. Although I did catch her blinking quickly as she almost got clobbered by a ball today... She'll also be a much happier dog when she loses the 40 or so extra pounds she appears to be carrying around. They've cut out all the scraps and she's been getting longer walks now.

Russian, Actually
I found out that E.'s native tongue is actually Russian tonight. As we were doing our walking/jogging we were comparing our lack of common languages. We listed off the handful of words that we knew in English/Turkish. Mine seemed quite pathetic, but then I triumphantly topped mine off with the dirty word that K's taught me. She literally doubled over in laughter. Unfortunately, it's very close to their word for "look", so I may be shouting out "Shit over there!"

I also learned the word for run/jog. I'll remember it by thinking of E as my "co-schmuck" - a phonetical eqivalent in English. I'm sure she'd be flattered.

Finally, Transportation
Well, I got a month pass for the shuttle system that leaves to and from the community. It put me back some serious Lira, but I'll end up saving money with it in the long run. U took me to the office (where I got my photo taken) and then upstairs to where they pasted my photo in (and stretched it, my face is practically a perfect circle - I was going to show a pic of it, until I saw that!) and ran it through a laminator. Seriously hi-tech, no?

Anyhow, a big day tomorrow with more transportation how-to.
Hope all is well,

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