Saturday, October 10, 2009

Elementary, My Dear...

Hi all,
Just a quickie, as it was a typical weekend.

6 Degrees of Separation!
So, the host parents didn't get home until extremely late/obscenely early last night/this morning. They went out to dinner with a friend, who brought another lawyer friend. Apparently in casual conversation it was mentioned that this certain gentleman had a daughter of some import. Like, Hermione the inner dork in me flipped out a little bit. Naturally, it would've much cooler if he and his lovely daughter had actually come to dinner at the house, but let's be a little realistic here, shall we? At any rate, welcome to my 6 degrees of separation from JK Rowling. Here goes: You: Me: HM/HD: Mr. Watson: Emma/Hermione: JK ROWLING! How fanflippingtastic is that? Ok, moving on.

Oh, Silly Winter.
Dear America. Shape up. Here in Istanbul we had another lovely 70 degree day. Sunny, lightly clouded with a nice breeze. I also picked and ate a pomegranate from one of the trees in the yard. It's quite a mouthful after the Turkish word "Nar". It was scrumptious.

You may now all be utterly jealous,
Hope all is well!

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