Thursday, October 1, 2009


Hi all,
I'm bound for least in the neighborhood!

Yes, yes, we Americans are truly messed up. Why on earth did we name a game: 1. where we only use our hands (except the kicker thingy) for a game that 2. The rest of the world has a name for already? At any rate, K and I trundled off to the soccer "field" (an astroturf mini-field with netting above and two smaller goals). We started playing at the far goal, taking turn shooting. However, soon we/I attracted the attention of some other kids - who seemed to be around the age of 10-12. One was bold enough to approach and asked "Where are you from?" - when I answered "USA" he launched into Turkish...and then seemed not at all surprised when K informed him (I assume??) that I didn't speak any Turkish. So, daunted, but determined he forged ahead "You much?" Apparently some of the tricks I'd pulled (juggling mostly) had attracted their attention. I said yes but indicated some. He nodded, satisfied that an American girl could play. Soon he introduced himself and he and K set up a "scrimmage". The field was WAY too big for K (as I was in goal) and so it was rather one sided. The rather cheeky other kid placed a nice shot as I ran out, passing it through my legs. Quited tickled with his success, I soon really had him laughing as I launched the ball directly into his own goal - completely airborne! We all got very tired, and I think a good time was had by all!

E: Friend?
I'm having a little trouble getting used to E. She has made multiple attempts to call me into doing the housework with her (although they do things much differently and nothing I do seems to meet her approval = frustrating!) and really, I've been doing things too. When I stay home I do some reading, started brushing up on some rudimentary German (had a whole facebook conversation yesterday with a French friend!) and worked on some chain mail work...which is mindnumbingly painstaking. Good thing I have a year!

Anyhow, today E needed some help with some marbled cookies she was making - her hands got all sticky so I helped with flour then mixing. While I would've rolled a ball using both chocolate and the plain dough, she decided to painstakingly roll them out in layers and then mix them. Then we had to bake them. I asked how long and she indicated that I should take them out in 25 minutes! WHAT? I don't know of any cookies that take that long! So, I checked them at 20 minutes: definitely done! So I turned off the oven and let them sit. I tried one with E, and thought they were even a bit too dry, but she said to put them in for 5 more minutes. Now, I'll be the first to admit that I've had my times of baking woes (Choc Peanutbutter "Rocks" (muffins), and my last tomato soup chocolate cake, for example) but honestly, another 5 minutes would've totally killed the cookies. And the last two cakes she made had been dry dry dry. So, I didn't. Never fear though, because when I came to eat a half an hour later, she had just put them in for another 15 (!) minutes. Guess what? They're rock hard and bone dry. Yum.

However, tonight after dinner I volunteered to take Tekila out for her walk/pottying. HM said E was going to join me. Great, another thing I wasn't deemed competent enough for! Sure enough, E comandeered the leash and then started to run with Tekila! She indicated that we would run the loop 5 times! Now, it's not that long (perhaps a mile total with all the laps?) - but I'd already done a fair bit of running with soccer. Plus, Tekila's about 40 pounds overweight, I'd guess, and there's no way she could make it. Sure enough, we dropped Tekila off after 2 laps, half ran one more and then walked for a fourth. However, during this time we actually kind of had fun with our limited gestures. As we walked towards the gate I asked "Yarin?" and she nodded. So now I have an after dinner jogging partner! We may end up friends after all. We'll see...

Hope all is well,

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