Monday, October 5, 2009

I'll Kill Her

I´ll kill her from Joerg Barton on Vimeo.

Hi all,
Appreciate my flair for the dramatic? I find the graphics on this to be pretty fun, though I'm less than enamored of "I'll kheel-er!" Win some, lose some, huh?

Music Scene
Since I've been in Turkey for a while (and read some books on it as well, like the Expat Harem) I've noticed some things about the music. Like Germany, there's an awful lot of American pop music. However, apparently in the 80's it was popular to take the lyrics and redo them in Turkish by native singers. Hence the ayran (salty yogurt drink) commercial to the tune of "When the Saints Come Marching In". Granted, it's not exactly pop music, but the same point stands. I would've have lied to have known what lyrics they were using, however, as they sashayed around flinging the ayran in swoops...

That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles

Not so well, actually. I made the chocolate chip cookies today (well, half of the dough) and they pretty much flattened the way I was dreading they might. Also, it very clearly states to just bake until the edges are golden brown = delicious chewy centers! However, E tried to convey her extreme misgivings and had I not emphatically gesticulated that they were SUPPOSED to be soft in the middle I think she would've thrown them in the oven for me! Sigh. So I shall bake them SLIGHTLY more tomorrow, but I really am going to have to be quite firm about this. Don't mess with my cookies!

Hope all is well,

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